New secrets in Season 2 with Selena Gomez and company

Notice to navigators: if you have not yet seen the first season of ‘Only murders in the building’, here you will find spoilers.

One for all and all for one. The three protagonists of ‘Only murders in the building they return to finish what they started. And to immerse ourselves again in the Arconia and in the lives of its picturesque neighbors (and potential suspects) we must return to the first season to remember and unravel the keys to this second installment.

A new murder took place at the end of the tenth episode, with Mabel (Selena Gomez) bloodied before the astonished gaze of his new friends, Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Short). The victim was none other than the president of the neighborhood council, Bunny (Jayne Houdyshell), a lady who was about to throw them out of the building for having spied on her neighbors on her podcast, but who had “forgiven” them by providing a solution to the case. Bunny was in Mabel’s apartment when she died, with a sewing needle stuck in her chest. The woman, always surly in her treatment, was wearing one of the promotional sweatshirts of the podcast that gives the series its title. Something that doesn’t fit like that at first.

The second season It starts with the three true crime fans (and, of course, false culprits) at the police station, with the former inspector who handled the case, who now has to put up with a new partner, Detective Kreps. This unpleasant man is played by Michael Rapaport who, interestingly enough, plays the father of Amy Schumer in her new series, ‘Life and Beth’. This is relevant because one of the cameos in this second season is that of the Amy Schumer playing herself. As was the case with Sting, the singer of the Police, in the first one, she is also introduced to us in the elevator, thanks again to Oliver who meets her. As she could not be otherwise, she turns out to be somewhat enigmatic, just like the character played by Cara Delevingne, Alice, a gallery owner enthusiastic about Mabel’s work (who in the first season managed to finish the mural dedicated to her neighbors). Both actresses are very close friends in real life (they were even romantically related), and in the series their characters will besomething more than friends.

If in the first season it was Charles who succumbed to the love of Jan (Amy Ryan) and managed to overcome the trauma of his ex-girlfriend, now we have Mabel forgetting Oscar (one of the guys who made up the Hardy Boys gang) to explore their sexuality. Although the star appearance is taken by the veteran Shirley McLaine, Of which we can only anticipate that it arrives to confuse the staff, also with a character whose eyesight fails and that is hilarious.

Own Steve Martin and John Hoffmann (‘Grace and Frankie’) sign a script that enthusiastic fans will like, with plots that are based on the keys that already worked in the first installment. Tim Kono was poisoned by Jan (with whom he had a romantic relationship) and this, before being arrested, had tried to burn down the building. This time the murder weapon is a sewing needle and a knife (one of the funniest scenes appears in the trailer, when Oliver, in an attempt to get rid of the murder weapon, throws it and leaves it nailed to the ceiling). Now, the building itself is one more character, discovering that it hides secret passageways, new elevators and most intriguing nooks and crannies.

The characters of Charles and Oliver will be more parents than ever, as the daughter of Charles’s ex-girlfriend arrives to throw a cable in their investigations and Oliver’s son tries to get his father to help him in his school play. In the first installment, the clues to solve Tim Kono’s crime came from a garbage bag, and they will go to the garbage again for other reasons. Mabel found the supposed suicide note in that bag and in a book an address with some initials (this time the mysterious message is written in a strange work of art).

The meeting in the hall of the building in homage to the murdered boy has its replica in the meeting that everyone has in poor Bunny’s house since the initial suspects are still the same neighbors as the first installment. Also podcast fans return; Charles’ (Jane Lynch) stunt double; Oliver’s former producer, Teddy (Nathan Lane), and of course Cinda (Tina Fey) the author of the competition’s podcast, even more villainous.

And in the bizarre investigation that these three initiate to discover the murderer, they will also have a talking parrot, a ‘Cluedo’ style game and an extra help that seems to be a nod to ‘The Silence of the Lambs’.

‘Only murders in the building’ comes back so fun and entertaining as always with curious flashbacks (watch out for the one dedicated to Arconia), delirious dialogues and more entanglements than ever.

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