Maverick’ reaches 1,000 million and is crowned as the biggest success of Tom Cruise and 2022

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The devil knows more for being old than for being a devil. Tom Cruise has insisted time and time again that the premiere of his films will be only in theaters and with a window large enough so that no one who wants to see them chooses to wait for them to be available in streaming. The extraordinary box office of his latest film has proved him right. With $1.006 million grossing worldwide in its first month in theaters, Top Gun: Maverick It is already the most successful film of the year and of the career of its protagonist.

Despite one of the most profitable careers in movie history, Cruise had never come close to the $1 billion mark. Until this year his greatest success was the 791 million Mission Impossible: Fallout. The titanic stamina at the box office of the sequel directed by Joseph Kosinski has led to top gun to overcome this weekend Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness What the highest-grossing film of the year worldwide.

Top Gun: Maverick It is also the second film of the pandemic era to exceed $1 billion.following the steps of Spider-Man: No Way Home, an unattainable film that was close to 2,000 million, a figure reached only by five films in the history of cinema. Currently, the sequel to the eighties classic is in position No. 46 in the historical ranking.

2022 is being the year of Paramount. The studio that fled the most from theaters during the pandemic (selling many of its films to streaming platforms) is in one of the best exercises in its history thanks to data from The lost City (183 million worldwide), Sonic 2 (398 million), scream (138 million) and Top Gun: Maverick (1,006 million, and rising).

Good data is not the exclusive property of Tom Cruise and company. This past weekend up to four films have exceeded 20 million at the US box office (Top Gun: Maverick, Elvis, Jurassic World: Dominion Y black phone). The only upset in theaters right now has its own name: Lightyear is destined to become one of the few duds in Pixar history.

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