Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck suffer an accident because of his son

The couple, moments after this incident in the middle of Los Angeles

  • Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were about to rent a Lamborghini when his son wanted to get in the driver’s seat to try it out.

  • The ten-year-old started the car and caused an accident with another vehicle that could have ended in disgrace

If a kid can’t drive a car, it’s for a reason. Especially for a security issue. And because the law says so. And for breaching it, Ben Affleck almost had a scare (and a Lamborghini).

Important scare that JLo and Ben Affleck took this weekendPRESS CORD

To put the images that accompany this news in context, we must place ourselves at the gates of a Los Angeles luxury car dealershipcity where the actor resides with Jennifer Lopezhis future wife.

The couple, excited, went to a dealership with his sonPRESS CORD

The couple went to this establishment one Saturday morning to rent one of the most expensive vehicles on the marketspecifically this bright yellow Lamborghini Urus who co-stars in these snaps taken by a paparazzi.

His intention was to rent a luxurious LamborghiniPRESS CORD

However, shortly before the transaction, the actor allowed his ten-year-old son Samuel climb into the pilot’s seat (and pilot it). The result of this irresponsibility can be found in the photographs that we attach.

The accident occurred when Sam, the actor’s youngest son, climbed into the pilot’s seatPRESS CORD

When the minor activated the vehicle, it went backwards, coming into contact with another car, in this case a white BMW It was parked right next to it.

This is how the vehicle ended after the incidentPRESS CORD

After this scare (which luckily stayed that way), Samuel was comforted by Ben Affleckthat once the material damage was verified, he was seen consoling his little one after a mishap that surely has also involved some scolding from father to son.

After the scare, Ben comforted his little sonPRESS CORD

Renting a Lamborghini like this is not accessible to many, but it is in the pocket of the interpreter and Jennifer Lopez, a silent witness in this incident: 1,500 euros a day is what it costsroughly, get a model like this.

Sam, the youngest son of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Samuel, Sam for his family, is the third child that Ben Affleck had with his ex-wifealso an actress Jennifer Garner. He made his fatherhood debut with her shortly after getting married, in 2005. They did it with violetthe oldest, who was followed four years later by Seraphin Rose Elizabeth. In 2012, just a decade ago, the youngest and last child of the couple was born, who ended up separating three years later.

It is increasingly common to see Jennifer Lopez with the children of Ben AffleckPRESS CORD

Although we are not used to amicable divorces within the borders of Hollywood, that of Affleck and Garner is the absolute exception. The relationship between the two is great and it is very common to see them together on the streets of Los Angeles enjoying their leisure time with the three children they have in common.

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