Jennifer Aniston is glad to have known fame before the irruption of social networks

Jennifer Aniston credit: Bang Showbiz

Jennifer Aniston credit: Bang Showbiz

Actress Jennifer Aniston has cited Paris Hilton and even Monica Lewinsky as examples of a popular culture in which certain people can find fame without needing to stand out for their profession. These allusions may be surprising, but the truth is that the interpreter of ‘Friends’ only wanted to describe the changes that the public sphere has experienced in the last 25 years.

The American artist has congratulated herself, during a conversation with fellow actor Sebastian Stan framed in the round tables organized by Variety magazine, for having achieved international popularity at a time – the early nineties – in which social networks did not exist and in which the internet still did not have the power to condition, to the extent that it does today, the careers and public projection of performers.

The turning point that put an end to that dynamic, in the opinion of the Hollywood star, was the leak of the sex video that Pamela Anderson and her then-husband Tommy Lee, who is played by Sebastian Stan in a new Disney+ miniseries, recorded during their Honeymoon. Since then, Jennifer maintains, artists have been increasingly influenced and dominated by those trends derived from the evolution of communication technologies.

“It was right around that time that the internet started to shape our celebrity culture. The whole thing about people getting famous for basically doing nothing. I mean, Paris Hilton, Monica Lewinsky and all those. I always say I feel lucky.” of having been able to taste the industry before it became what it is today. Now it’s different, there are more applicants and streaming services. Now you can be famous for TikTok, for YouTube, for Instagram. I feel that the interpretive work is diluted in this equation”, he argued.

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