“It is an updated and different voice”

Unlike what has happened with the first two adaptations of Sonic to the big screen, there are not many stories that can combine CGI with live action. That is the case of the new film that the Illumination studio is preparing about Super Mario Bros, Nintendo’s flagship character that has sold millions of video games all over the world. A project that has taken a long time to develop, mainly due to the fact that its first adaptation shot in the 90s is considered one of the worst versions that the cinema has done about a video game. That is why the famous plumber and his friends have fled from the complicated live action about his adventures between pipes, princesses and castles, but not without giving up the glamor of Hollywood. Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World) he is in charge of putting his voice to the protagonist and from what we know he is delighted with the work he has done.

September 13
Ephemeris of September 13, 2018: What happened on September 13?

Pratt was speaking a few days ago with the medium Variety and, among many other things, he spoke about the freedom with which directors Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvathhave allowed him to face this project and how unprecedented this new voice of Mario will be for the public: “I worked very closely with the directors to test some things, and now I’ve come up with something that I’m really proud of; I can’t wait for people to see and hear it.”. Pratt ended his Jurassic period with the premiere of Jurassic World: Dominion and in Marvel it will also close a journey of almost 10 years when it premieres Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2023. The interpreter has not been exempt from criticism this year, on the one hand his religious ideas have led to an attempt to cancel him by the community and on the other, many did not overlook the fact that the actor does not have any Italian roots. , reason why part of the public ruled that he should not double the charismatic character.

super mario movie
Chris Pratt will voice Mario in the animated film

“It’s an animated adventure with my voice. It’s not a live-action movie, I’m not going to wear a plumber’s suit and run around. I’ll be voicing an animated character, and it’s an updated and different voice that hasn’t been heard before in the world of Mario.” Pratt finally pointed out. The long-awaited adaptation will hit theaters on April 7, 2023 and will feature a talented voice cast: Anya Taylor-Joy (Princess peach), charlie day (Luigi), Jack Black (Browser) or seth roden (Donkey Kong), in addition to the long-awaited new sound identity that Chris Pratt promises the protagonist.

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