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The XP system in Fortnite is a topic of debate every season, and things have not changed for Chapter 3. The problem is compounded when Epic Games offers rewards as good as the Darth Vader mask, thus motivating competition and kills in the early stages of the game. .

Luckily, there are heroes without capes like Glitch King, the main flaw finder in Fortnitewhich has found an XP bug that can help you level up your Battle Pass in no time.

There is one map in particular that offers players of Fortnite up to 500,000 XP, which will go a long way toward unlocking Darth Vader and subsequent Super Styles. The map code is 9496-3304-5859.

To begin, players need to head to the edge of the map, where they will find the button “XP Store”. This will take you to another room. They can then collect coins by killing chickens, mining items, and doing other activities. Coins eventually translate to XP.

After doing the glitches on this map, glitch king earned more than 500,000 XP. As of now, one level requires 80,000 XP. Level 100 requires players to earn a whopping 7,192,000 XP, so this 500,000 will help.

FORTNITE | How to buy V-Bucks

First of all, the easiest way to acquire V-Bucks is to purchase a package offered as an add-on by the developers. Players can simply purchase the bundle online through the official website and store.

The second option to acquire V-Bucks is to purchase the Battle Pass, which contains a large number of skins and other cosmetic items along with V-Bucks that can be claimed as the player rises through the ranks in the game.

The third option offers free V-Bucks, but there is a caveat. Fortnite It has a mode called Save the World that offers free V-Bucks just for logging in and completing some missions. Here’s the catch. Save the World only offers free V-Bucks to ‘Founders’, players who got the game on its initial release. Also, the game must be purchased, so this option does not offer free money, except for some players.

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