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There are several heavy obstacles on the way to the CR7 dream

And the “Mission impossible” that inflames the market, the suggestion that tries to dodge obstacles and continues to make the Giallorossi fans dream, writes Andrea Di Carlo on The Republic. It must be said that even before joining Juventus and wearing the Juventus shirt, many were convinced it was an impossible businesswith costs that would have frightened and discouraged anyone.

The rest is recent history, such as his return to Manchester, with the United shirt. Several goals, but zero trophies and not even the horizon of the Champions League. For this the hero of Madeira asked the super agent Jorge Mendes to find him a different arrangement. And the proposal arrived on the desks of Inter, Bayern Munich and Romein the background the romantic return to Sporting.

The first two declined the kind invitation. As for the Giallorossi, there are those who are ready to swear that the Friedkins dream of giving the Roma fans a 90 shot, a Hollywood movie stuff, one of those to send the arrival airport haywire and make splash (even more) the number of subscribers.

But if “dreams are desires”, the latter must also find a correspondence with reality. And there are several heavy obstacles on the way that leads to dream CR7. To begin, the financial stakes that Rome will have to observe, an aspect of “difficult to understand” “for the Friedkins, who cannot understand how there can be an external limit to mitigate their ambitions, with GM Tiago Pinto committed to lead them to a vision more consistent with the indications coming from UEFA.

Then there are 25 million reasons to wake up from the dream, which is equivalent to the salary received by the Portuguese ace. There is the position of Manchester United, which has reassured the English press of the permanence of CR7: a club to which compensation should still be paid, given the remaining contract year (expiring in 2023).

Finally, there would also be a competition to beat. First of all the Chelsea of the new owner Todd Boehly, who met Jorge Mendes to understand the figures of the possible Ronaldo deal. In addition to the money, also the possibility of playing the Champions League. And in the background, there is also the romantic return to the team that launched him in great football, that is Sporting.

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