Elvis and Top Gun: Maverick contend for the top spot at the US box office

Each film experiences its domestic and international box office run differently; each production is different and, therefore, the type of audience it attracts is also different. You can’t compare the impact of a blockbuster like Spider-Man: No Way Home – 92%, or a familiar film like Lightyear – 83%, with other films like The Black Telephone – 93%, for example. The numbers, obviously, will be very different from one to the other.

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For the same reason, it is very rare that two different tapes share the same amount of collection in a weekend, but not impossible. This weekend, the US box office is experiencing this particular situation with Top Gun: Maverick – 98% and Elvis – 85%. The film starring Tom Cruise has already completed five weeks of projection with an enviable career.

In fact, much has been said about how Maverick managed to surpass, by far, Top Gun: Passion and Glory – 54%, in addition to the fact that it has already become the highest grossing film starring Tom Cruise, just as it has already achieved one billion dollars worldwide. For now, its national collection (United States) is USD$521.7, while this weekend it has generated USD$30.5 million, one of the largest collections in the neighboring country for a weekend.

Nevertheless, Elvis, which is in its opening weekend, has generated exactly the same amount, $30.5 million. According to the report you share comic book, this is not yet the final count and we will have to wait until the end of Sunday to confirm if both films keep the same amount or one of them will manage to beat the other by a few dollars. Although at the moment both tapes are in first place, they have officially put the biopic in first position.

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In third place is Jurassic World: Dominion – 54%, which has been exhibiting for three weeks; this weekend it raised USD$26.44 million and a total of 302.77 million. In fourth place is the black telephone by Scott Derrickson which debuts with $23.3 million. Lightyearfor its part, celebrates its second week raising USD$17.66 million, adding a total of USD$88.7 million.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – 88% has already been on the US billboard for a total of eight weeks, and in recent days it has managed to generate just USD$1.76 million and a total of USD$409.1 million since its premiere. Undoubtedly, the films that are currently in full contention for the first place for this weekend, will give much to talk about the rest of the year, and perhaps both have a run in the awards season.

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Top Gun: Maverick It is, so far, the highest grossing film of this year, but we will have to wait for the arrival of Thor: Love and Thunder to witness whether this Marvel production manages to stand out, or if it will lose the interest of the public too soon as it happened with Doctor Strange. Elvisfor its part, has received very good reviews regarding its narrative and its cast led by Austin Butler and Tom Hanks.

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