Easy recipe for a creamy grated carrot jelly with pineapple and walnuts

The jelly is not only a very easy to make and delicious dessertbut it is refreshing and very nutritious because it is a source of protein and vitamin C that contributes to having the healthy tissuesthat is, bones, ligaments, skin, tendons and muscles, so it is excellent for combating joint pain and helps regenerate them, in addition to improve defenses of our immune system.

In spite of that, it can be boring to eat a jelly, we almost always imagine it to be tasteless and of a single flavor, but here we give you an option that you are going to love, because it has a combination of ingredients that combine and enhance the flavors: a grated carrot jelly with pineapple and walnutwhich is also super creamy. If you think that it can be very complicated to make it at home, not at all, and we give you the Step by Step!

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