drag art; beyond an outfit

After playing a game of bingo full of prizes and humour, the spotlights come on, the atmosphere fills with smoke and Katy Perry on stage singing Teenage dream, one of the most famous songs of the Californian singer, at the top of her lungs, but in reality it is about drag Jenary Bloomwho seeks to make the public have the feeling of being in a real concert of the official artist.

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This show is a showcase of American culture and what can be achieved through drag, which takes place every Wednesday at Click Gringo BBQ and creates a space that lends itself to diversity.

“It is an example of human union beyond any type of belief, ideology or religion,” he explained in an interview with 24 HOURS, Jose Carlos Martinez, spokesperson for Pinche Gringo BBQ.

For his part, Fernando Mier, better known as “Fercio”, his queer stage name, who can stage Celine Dion, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and is a producer of drag queen bingoa project that began in 2019 together with “Lore” and “Babilonia”, commented that he came from Monterrey “looking for a place in music, I always wanted to be a pop singer and in 2012 I had the opportunity to release my first independent extended play”.

However, his musical career became complex and “things began to happen for me to do drag, a second chance to transmit my music and give life to this character that he is”rhexia“my drag name,” he mentioned Fernando Mier.

Since he arrived at Mexico City, Ferdinand He attended many events of this type in Zona Rosa, where he discovered the talent of «Lore». “I never thought of becoming drag, I didn’t think it would happen because I’m from a conservative family, from Monterrey, I said never,” added the interviewee.

Fernando Mier shared that his first performance was that of Amy Winehousein addition to the fact that behind drag art there is the study of movements, gestures, costumes, body language and even “many times I watch documentaries of the character, of his life and how he came to be who he was.”

“I would love for my family to be at a show of mine, to give me that applause that people give me and feel proud, but for now I’m happy that they know what I do,” said “Rexia.”

finely, Fernando Mier He added that drag is a tribute to women, “we all have a feminine side whether we are gay or not, and being able to explore it and take it to the limit is fascinating”, and invited to promote an inclusive and open “re-education”.

Did you know…?

There are many theories about the emergence of the term drag, however, the most accepted until now is the one that dates back to the middle of the 19th century in the East, where theatrical performances such as the “Victorian burlesque” were performed (United Kingdom, 1830). At that time, the theater was key, since all social classes sought to see it because they obtained information about what was happening around them.


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