Chris Pratt Reveals the 2 Big Roles He Lost

Actor Chris Pratt is now a big world star, but a while ago he couldn’t get all the roles he applied for.

The life of Chris Pratt changed a lot when Marvel Studios signed him to play Peter Quill / Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Until then we had seen it in movies like Moneyball: Breaking the rules (2011), Forever committed (2012) or The darkest night (2012) but always in secondary roles, since his most outstanding performance was that of Andy Dwayer in the series Parks and Recreation.

Now, Chris Pratt explains why a lack of self-confidence may have been his biggest problem for a while and what caused him to be unable to star star trek by JJ Abrams and Avatar by james cameron

“I know I’ve made fun of actors feeling rejection or whatever, but I didn’t come close to getting the part. I actually got there, it wasn’t that close that it was really demoralizing and made me really question my potential or what I should aspire to as an actor. I remember the paper was written as: He enters! He maybe he was the Avatar ».

“I remember reading the description of this character and it was like he comes in and he has that factor. So I was feeling, you know, a little bit overweight, he wasn’t really taking care of me physically, he was in a relationship where we were, you know, drinking a lot. I walked in and started sweating right away, and I was a casting assistant. She just looked at me and just hit record and started doing her thing while I was reading with her other casting assistant. I saw that there was literally nothing about my audition that was compelling at all.” concluded Chris Pratt.

Now he is in one of the best moments of his film career.

The actor Chris Pratt just released Jurassic World: Dominion, which has already grossed more than $746 million worldwide. But also, on July 8 we will be able to see it in Thor: Love and Thunder What star lord. Role that will repeat in the Christmas special of Disney Plus and in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 which will hit theaters on May 5, 2023.

Without forgetting that he has starred in a series entitled The Final List of Amazon Prime Video and lend his voice to mario brosin the adaptation of the legendary video game character.

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