Chris Pratt confessed that he was left out of these 2 movies


Chris Pratt was once far from the image he has today and lacked confidence, which did not help him in the castings of these movies.

Chris Pratt
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The professional career of Chris Pratt is going through an unbeatable moment, especially thanks to the fact that it is part of two monumental franchises, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he plays Peter Quill from the Guardians of the Galaxy Y Jurassic Worldwhere he personifies Owen Grady, the brave velociraptor trainer who has already starred in a trilogy.

Surely few could imagine this witty actor, who has a privileged physique and is the envy of many performers for the projects he stars in, lacking confidence due to an audition in which he was nervous and could not convince the casting assistants. to get selected. Well: this actually happened! And on more than one occasion.

A dark time for the actor

talking to the podcast smartness the actor said that he appeared at the auditions to star Avatar and Star Trekbut the experience was nothing short of demoralizing: “I know I’ve made fun of actors who feel rejection or whatever, but I wasn’t even close, it was really demoralizing and it really made me question my potential or what I should aspire to as an actor.”.

That experience to try to get a role in Avatar was negative: “I felt a bit overweight, I wasn’t really taking care of myself physically, I was in a relationship where we were drinking a lot”said the interpreter about the audition that made him rethink his goals within the Hollywood industry, something that finally twisted the story.

Regarding the audition, he had a very specific memory in which “I was sweating in front of the casting assistant”, In addition to being convinced that “there was nothing convincing about her audition at all”. The truth is Chris Pratt managed to convince executives to Marvel Y Universal Pictures to be part of Guardians of the Galaxy Y Jurassic World. He will soon lend his voice to Super Mario Bros. in a project that according to him will be “different from everything”.

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