Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son crashes a Lamborghini into another car

Since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez they gave their love a second chance, the couple is living their best moment. Just a few weeks ago, the rumor of a wedding between them set off all the alarms, although at the moment, neither of them has confirmed having given the ‘yes, I want’.

Oblivious to the news about them, the actor and the singer wanted to spend a family day in The Angels. To do this, they decided to go to 777 Exotics, a luxury car rental dealer. What they surely did not expect was the scare they would end up with a few hours later.

And it is that, after choosing a spectacular Lamborghini10-year-old Samuel, the actor’s son, sat in the driver’s seat and, with the engine running, put the car in reverse, causing the car to crash into another car from the dealer, a white BMW.

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In addition to publishing the photographs of the scare they experienced Ben AffleckJennifer Lopez and the little one Samuel, TMZ contacted one of the representatives of the popular actor who confirmed that, despite the blow, none of those present suffered any damage. Luckily, everything was in a scare.

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