Abortion, from Madonna to Justin Timberlake, here’s what Hollywood stars think

Almost fifty years after the acquisition of one of the most important women’s rights in history, the legalization of abortion, the United States chooses to abolish the Roe v. Wade who, in 1973, gave women the opportunity to intentionally terminate a pregnancy. From one day to the next, the life of American women takes a completely unexpected turn that makes them decidedly more controlled, manipulated and less protected by the law. A choice that takes you back in time, that destroys even the smallest step forward made, over the years, towards greater rights for women, a choice that makes (unfortunately) more and more realistic the possibility that the future of humanity may become increasingly similar to how Margaret Atwood had imagined it, in the 1980s, when she was writing The Handmaid’s Tale. It took only 3 votes, the thought of three people to make the balance of the US Supreme Court tilt more towards the abortion of the right to abortion. And so, now, each individual state will be able to decide whether or not to give women the ability to have an abortion (and some of them have already chosen). But what were the reactions of Hollywood stars to this news? How did the actors, singers and internationally known faces who often fight publicly in favor of women and their rights made the decision? Here are the comments of celebrities on the subject.

From Jennifer Lopez to Madonna: all Hollywood women pro abortion

“We live in an America that I don’t recognize” are the words of Jennifer Lopez. “I am heartbroken for the people in this country who have just lost the fundamental right to make decisions about their bodies,” said Michelle Obama instead. Amy Shumer argues that women need more rights, more freedom, not less. And then there’s Cynthia Nixon, the Miranda of Sex and the City and And Just Like That who revealed that the subject of abortion is very personal to her. The actress, in fact, had revealed that her mother had an illegal abortion in the state of New York before the abortion became legal, for her, therefore, the decision of the Supreme Court is “devastating”, arguing that the reproductive freedom of women is a crucial value of life. Mariah Carrie addresses the issue with a tweet that reveals her concern about having to explain to her 11-year-old daughter that she lives in a country where women’s rights are disintegrating before everyone’s eyes. Also not missing is Alyssa Milano, the Phoebe of Witches, always an activist, a feminist who speaks of “lethal” consequences for women, especially for those of color. Madonna also makes a long post on Instagram where she defines the decision of the Constitutional Court “scary” specifying how this news has led all women to despair. And then there is Jessica Biel who defines herself as “furious” and is supported by her husband, Justin Timberlake who thinks exactly like her and, again, Taylor Swift who declares herself “terrified”.

Hollyood’s men lined up against the Supreme Court

Even the men of Hollywood have not remained silent after the announcement of the stop to legal abortion by taking the field in favor of women and their rights. John Legend spoke of a real “war on women” and posted the video of the police in Washington blocking female protesters by commenting on the images as “sickly”. Chris Evans (Captain America) reminded everyone that even men must fight for the right to abortion, singer Harry Styles called the day the decision was made as “the darkest for America” ​​and, finally, Mark Ruffalo was not afraid to define the members of the US Supreme Court as “American Taliban”.

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