10-year-old Ben Affleck collides Lamborghini with BMW

Ben Affleck’s son, Samuel Garner Affleck, was involved in an incident after getting into the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini and hitting a BMW.

According to images from TMZ. The actor and Jennifer Lopez went with Samuel to 777 Exotics, a luxury car rental dealership located in Los Angeles, California.

While everyone was looking at the cars, Ben let his son get into a yellow lamborghiniwhich had the engine running, the little boy put the car in reverse, causing it to make contact with a white BMW.

Sam got out of the vehicle and went to the back to inspect for damage. However, a representative for Ben Affleck told TMZ that there was no damage and that everyone is fine.

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Will Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez want to have a baby together?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez They are more than ready to lead a life together, but many are wondering what plans they have for this new stage and if they hope to have a new baby.

A source close to the couple revealed to the portal Hollywood Life that they are both excited to have a life together and have many plans they hope to share, however, a baby is not in the cards.

Ben and Jennifer have passed the children’s stage and they both feel happy with all the little ones they already have in their lives, who were born from previous marriages.

In fact, in their plans, the priority is that all the children can share more closely and that they all have space in the new home they seek to form.

So far everything seems to be going for the best, since both J.Lo’s twins have shared with Ben, as well as the actor’s children with the singer.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodríguez ended after rumors in the media that the relationship ended in March and the breakup was finally confirmed

“JLo’s connection to her children makes Ben even more certain that this is destiny.” the source told the US portal.

“They are really trying to make this a blended family and Jennifer Garner finds this amazing. She doesn’t mind at all when the kids go to spend time with her dad and J.Lo because it also gives her some alone time, which is very rare for her.”accurate.

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