Why Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, has become the “Wonder Woman”?

If there is someone who has become the object of all eyes that is Camille Vasquez. And it is that, although the names of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been constantly rumbling within the walls of Fairfax County, Virginia, the actor’s attorney catapulted like a figure of the most commented in the popular trial that was formed in parallel on social networks.

Their complicity and closeness with the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ made many suggested that they were united by something else than a professional relationship. Some rumors that in response, when asked about it, they obtained the laughs of the lawyerwho is “happily engaged” to her British boyfriend, as reported by the portal ‘TMZ’.

Later, the lawyer spoke in an interview granted to the magazine ‘People’ and assured that the gossip was “sexist” and showed your disappointment regarding certain media “accept or say that my interactions with Johnny, who is a friend and I have known and represented for four and a half years” were somehow “inappropriate or unprofessional”.

Now Vasquez is news again but for a reason that is far from the previous ones and for which She has become “Wonder Woman”. But, why?

As published by the portal ‘TMZ’the lawyer was involved in an unfortunate event that took place on an American Airlines flight. Apparently, the popular lawyer was traveling with her bodyguard on the flight from Los Angeles to New York when a man in his 70s collapsed next to her as she walked down the hall.

The magazine ‘People’ has been able to confirm with Derek Wallsthe spokesman for the aforementioned company, that the incident occurred last June 20 during flight 184 of American Airlines that was forced to return.

“He had to go back to Los Angeles to meet medical needs of one of its passengers”, confirms the aforementioned company.

Reportedly, the aides called for help and Camille collaborated in the urgent rescue of the medical emergency with his partner. So much so that, she managed to contact his brother-in-law, who is a doctor, to guide him on the steps he needed to take to see if the man had suffered a heart attack or brain hemorrhage as a result of the fall.

The bodyguard of the young woman also helped through the applications of his mobile to check the heart rate of the person in question. Due to the seriousness of the matter, the decision was made to return to the Los Angeles airport for the subject to be transferred to the hospital.

One of the passengers on the flight defined to the interpreter’s lawyer as “Wonder Woman”according to the witness with whom ‘TMZ’ was able to contact, and gave him a bottle of champagne.

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