What was the first movie of a Marvel character


The MCU popularized its characters, making the franchise the most successful in cinema. What was the first movie of a Marvel character?

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe he managed to popularize his characters far beyond what the most optimistic of his followers could have imagined. The franchise had iconic moments like the first time the avengers on the big screen or SpiderVerse where the three spider-man live action shared an action sequence together. This all goes back 14 years!

We are talking about 2008 when Jon Favreau directed the movie Hombre de Hierro with Robert Downey Jr. as the protagonist and little by little the idea of ​​building a cohesive Cinematic Universe was taking shape. That was the first entry in the history of the MCU, but many will wonder: is it the first film of a hero of Marvel? The answer will surprise you.

A hero without time

The first movie of a superhero Marvel dates back to 1944 and the character on which that film is centered is the Captain America. Far from the visual effects that we could see in the trilogy starring Chris Evans as the patriotic symbol Steve Rogers, on that occasion the hero was played by the actor Dick Purcell. Surely you were not expecting this revelation.

The plot of the film will also surprise you! In this case, Captain America is not Steve Rogers, the first name of the hero in question is Grant Gardner, who fights against the dangerous villain The Beetle, because this unique character stole a device that, through the power of sound waves, can demolish buildings. Technology advanced enough even by today’s standards.

The truth is that the study Republic Pictures rejected the idea of ​​the super soldier serum however, this film would be the most expensive in its history. The film premiered in serial format in theaters where each part of the plot was released a week apart from the other. Of course, given the era in which the film was made, we are talking about a black and white film. This was the first film with a character from Marvel!

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