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The Kardashian sisters became famous as television celebrities, but also for their lush hips and buttocks, which transformed the ideal female body. However, the latest Khloé Kardashian images show that she would have left that body of hers behind.

During the last few weeks, Khloé Kardashian surprised by posing on the Hulu red carpet, where she was seen with a much more stylized figure.

The youngest of the Kardashians appeared in a white outfit that showed her hips much narrower than usual. Although it could be a visual effect, the rumors immediately began.

Apparently the reality show star would have reversed the BBL surgery or “Brazilian Butt Lift”, an aesthetic intervention whose objective is to widen the hips, something that characterizes the Kardashian women.

But, what is the Brazilian Butt Lift and why is it such a popular surgery in the world, despite its danger?

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What is BBL surgery?

Bodies with exuberant hips and guitar style have taken over the show in recent years, we can see it in the same Karsahian sisters – Jennes, Nicky Minaj, Cardi B, among others whose body is similar to that of the popular “Jessica Rabbit”.

For this reason, aesthetic surgeries that seek to achieve this type of body have multiplied and without a doubt the winner is the BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

It is a cosmetic surgery in which fat is taken from different areas of the body to insert it into the buttocks, with the aim of increasing, widening or reshaping the butt.

According to The New York Times, it is possible for $15,000 to have liposuction of the fat from the sides, belly and lower back and then inject it into the buttocks, so that you get a perfect butt.

The popularity of BBL surgery is significant, in 2020 alone, the same year as the pandemic, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recorded 40,320 buttock augmentations done with implants or fat grafting. In addition, it is one of the most searched surgeries on Google, with 200 thousand searches only in the first 5 months of 2021.

However, obtaining Khloé Kardashian’s butt with the BBL can have a much more relevant cost than the monetary one, due to the danger that the surgery represents for those who access it.

The dangers of the BBL

BBL surgery is the most popular in the world of aesthetics, but the most dangerous because it has the highest level of mortality of any aesthetic procedure.

It was a study by the Foundation for Education and Research in Aesthetic Surgery published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal that revealed the danger of this intervention.

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Statistics mention that 1 or 2 procedures among 6000 ended with dead patients, generating the highest level of mortality in the area.

But where does the danger lie? Specifically in the buttocks, because they have a large number of blood vessels that drain into an inferior vena cava that goes directly to the heart, so if the fat is injected incorrectly, it can be deadly.

According to CNN en Español, one of the fatal things that can happen is, for example, a fat embolism, that is, when fat enters the bloodstream and blocks a blood vessel.

But he also points out that if fat goes to the lungs, it can block oxygen from entering the bloodstream, while if it goes to the brain it can cause a stroke.

All this raised the alerts, so various societies of plastic surgeons worked in the “Working Group for Safety in Gluteal Fat Grafting” to deliver guidelines on safety in this surgery.

Among the recommendations delivered by the professionals is that surgeons stop injecting fat into the muscles, due to the danger it represents.

At the same time, they recommended that health professionals use larger instruments so that they are not damaged in the process and the surgeon loses sight of where the fat is injected.

Did Kloé Kardashian Reverse Her BBL Surgery?

According to ABC, Kim Kardashian is considered the promoter of this surgery, one that made big butts a beauty trend, although she and her sisters have never acknowledged having this surgery.

However, more than 10 years after she popularized this trend, she and her sisters can be seen returning to a slimmer body and leaving behind the curves that made them so famous.

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Kim Kardashian can be seen with a much more stylized body in recent months, so it is speculated that there was liposuction on her butt, this is due to how it looks in the last photographs in which she has posed, although she does not lose the characteristic curves.

On TikTok and Instagram, images that compare the before and after of the celebrity abound, something that also includes her younger sister Kloé Kardashian.

As we mentioned at the beginning, one of the curvier of the sisters appeared posing with a much slimmer body in the area of ​​​​her hips, raising the alarms that she would have left BBL surgery behind, according to the Mirror.

Although the British medium also ensures that the influencer maintains a strong exercise routine, the fruits of which are seen in her toned body, but the change is evident.

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