What can Cristiano Ronaldo give to Roma (and vice versa)

A crazy deal, nonsense. Probably not even in the FIFA career mode could such an absurd transfer be realized.

Cristiano Ronaldo is juxtaposed to Rome. It is not the first time that we talk about it, it had happened (for a few hours) already last year, when the Portuguese was unhappy at Juve and the newspapers overestimated the factor-Mourinho.

Now CR7 has just returned from a satisfying season from a personal point of view, but tragic from a sporting point of view. The Manchester United he will not play the Champions League and – according to the English tabloids – Cristiano is looking for a new accommodation. Except that not many big teams are willing to make a massive investment for one 37 years oldeven if we are talking about one of the strongest players in history.

One year later the local newspapers give him once again in negotiations with the Giallorossi and to support the hypothesis there is there booking of the Olimpico for 29 June: will that be the day it will be presented?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo / Naomi Baker / GettyImages

It’s hard not to laugh while writing similar things, because in all probability Cristiano Ronaldo and Roma will never even have made a phone call. On the other hand, how can a company with over 300 million in debt afford a footballer who earns 25 million a year? But then, why should CR7 move to a club that doesn’t even play in the Champions League?

All legitimate questions that obviously make you think of the classic “bluff” summer created ad hoc to entertain the fans under the umbrella. But let’s try to implement one suspension from reality, to pretend that this thing could actually happen. A bit like it happens in science fiction books, where everything is given for good.

So let us have the honor of being the first to break the news:

Cristiano Ronaldo is a new Roma player! The Portuguese champion was presented at the Olimpico in an evening of celebration for the Giallorossi people. Ronaldo will inherit the 7 left by Pellegrini who will instead have the honor of wearing Totti’s 10. But the question arises spontaneously: what can he give to José Mourinho’s team? “

He may be almost 38 years old, but Cristiano Ronaldo has shown he can still have his say even in a highly competitive league like the Premier League, so why shouldn’t he do the same in Serie A?

From a financial point of view, his engagement represents a big boulder for the coffers of the Giallorossi, which could however alleviate the sacrifice through the sale of his jerseys. Even in terms of image, having one of the strongest players in history available would allow the reputation of the Capitoline to grow dramatically and to explore hitherto unimaginable slices of the market.

More complex speech from the tactical point of view. CR7 still makes a difference, sure, but it always has been – and now it maybe even more so – a centralizing person, which calls for a team built on its characteristics. For Roma and their growth project, it would therefore not be appropriate to rely on a striker who – as a matter of fact – has already largely passed the apex of his career and will now only be able to inevitably decline.

Another factor not to be underestimated: the Portuguese ace pretends to play practically always. Until a few years ago this was not a problem, while now the physicist no longer guarantees him the same continuity of performance and also at United we saw a tired player, out of condition and with the absolute need to rest.

The hypothetical landing of Cristiano Ronaldo at Rome would be a panacea for the club’s visibility. But is it worth making a huge economic outlay to have a player who can help you grow in terms of image, but who puts stakes on the sporting one?

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