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It is likely that the video game development company Epic Games wants to surprise its users with a special collaboration with the popular series of Netflix “Stranger Things”. For this reason, after the 21.10 update of the game, rumors have increased about the appearance of new skins and new characters.

about two years ago, fortnite he did make a small collaboration with said series; however, the fans were not satisfied because within the game only two characters appeared: Hopper and a Demogorgon.

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Hidden code?

The Epic Games insider known on Twitter as FNBRintel, assured that the name “WaffleWarrior” is encrypted in the battle royale codes. This, according to FBRintel, indicates that the collaboration is a reality since The favorite dish of the character Eleven from Stranger Things is the waffle.

After this tweet, the rumors on social networks were increasing. In addition, he has also mentioned that there is a possibility that this collaboration not only involve downloading new skins, but also new characters.

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Finally, FNBRIntel also speculated that this crossover can take place on July 1, Stranger Things season 4 premiere date.

At the moment, there has been no official statement between Netflix and Fortnite, therefore it is not confirmed if the collaboration will become a reality or will only remain in speculation.

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