Today’s ephemeris, June 26, 2022. What happened on June 26?

Check today’s ephemeris June 26, 2022 and find out who was born, who died and what happened throughout history on a day like today.

On a day like today 1541, Assassination of Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru. In 1890, established in Spain the law of universal suffrage. In 1925premiere of Charly Chaplin’s film “The Gold Rush”.

What happened on June 26?

1541/ Assassination of Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru.

1800/ Alessandro Volta announces the discovery of the first electric battery.

1822/ The State assumes the purchase, manufacture and sale of tobacco in Spain.

1890/ Established in Spain the law of universal suffrage.

1925/ Premiere of Charly Chaplin’s film “The Gold Rush”.


1947/ Conference in Paris on the Marshall Plan of US aid for the reconstruction of Europe.

1970/ The Spanish boxer José Legrá regains the title of European featherweight champion.

1974/ First purchase with a barcode, some chewing gum in a Marsh supermarket (Ohio, USA).

1977/ Last concert of the singer Elvis Presley, at the Marquet Square Arena in Indianapolis (United States).

1979/ Muhammad Ali announces his retirement from boxing.

1950/ Inauguration of the Escombreras Oil Refinery (Murcia).

1986/ Fifteen injured when a bomb hidden in a suitcase that was going to be loaded on an Israeli plane exploded at Madrid’s Barajas airport.

1987/ Jesús Gil takes over the presidency of the Atlético de Madrid football club.

1997/ First published “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, JK Rowling’s literary debut.

2000/ American scientists Craig Venter and Francis Collins announce the first draft of the human genome.

2003/ The US Supreme Court declares laws that punish homosexuality unconstitutional.

2008/ The US Supreme Court upholds the right to own firearms.

2011/ Two Spanish soldiers die and three are injured in an attack against their armored vehicle in Qala-i-Naw (Afghanistan).

>> The EU agrees on the rules of bank bailouts so that it is the banks, and not the taxpayers, who pay the bill in the event of bankruptcies.

2014/ The general secretary of the PSOE, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, announces his retirement from politics.

2015/ USA legalizes homosexual marriage throughout the country.

>> 38 tourists die in a terrorist attack against a hotel in Tunisia.

2016/ Spanish General Elections: PP reinforces its majority with 137 seats, at the expense of Ciudadanos, which drops from 40 to 32; the PSOE gets the worst results, 85, and Podemos with IU add 71 seats.

>> The Iraqi Army announces the liberation of Fallujah, held by Daesh since 2014.

2017/ Start of the investigation commission on irregular financing of the PP in Congress with the declaration of former treasurer Luis Bárcenas.

>> A judge orders the exhumation of Salvador Dalí’s body after a paternity suit.

2019/ Nigeria releases a hundred women and children kidnapped by Boko Haram.

>> The nine pro-independence leaders in preventive detention for the procés trial enter Catalan prisons.

2020/ The popular series “The Simpsons” announces that its characters will be voiced by people of their race.

2021/ End of the obligation to wear a mask in outdoor spaces in Spain after more than a year due to the coronavirus.

What happened on June 26 in America?

1956/ Fidel Castro is arrested in Mexico with 20 other alleged members of the July 26 Movement.

1959/ Cuba breaks diplomatic relations with the Dominican Republic.

1969/ El Salvador breaks diplomatic relations with Honduras due to the harassment of Salvadorans residing in that country after losing a soccer match 3-0. Days later a conflict began that was known as “The football war”.

1974/ General Pinochet assumes presidential powers in Chile.

1975/ Colombian President López Michelsen decrees a state of siege to combat guerrilla attacks and a wave of kidnappings.

1999/ The EU, Mercosur and Chile agree at the Rio de Janeiro Summit on a declaration to create a free trade area.

2001/ Mercosur and the EU ratify a Memorandum of Understanding that defines the cooperation between both blocs for the next six years.

2016/ Inauguration of the expansion of the Panama Canal, a milestone in modern engineering after nine years of construction.

2017/ Mexican journalist Salvador Adame, kidnapped in May, is found dead.

Who was born on June 26?

1824/ William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, English physicist.

1892/ Pearl S. Buck, American writer.

1870/ Ignacio Zuloaga, Spanish painter.

1908/ Salvador Allende, president of Chile.

>> Estrellita Castro, Spanish actress and singer.

1922/ Eleanor Parker, American actress.

1928/ Yoshiro Nakamatsu, Japanese inventor.

1933/ Carlos Mendo, Spanish journalist.

1940/ Osvaldo Hurtado, president of Ecuador.

1954/ Luis María Arconada, Spanish soccer player.

1956/ Chris Isaak, American rock musician.

1957/ Patty Smyth, American rock singer.

1961/ Greg Lemond, American cyclist.

1964/ Tommi Makinen, Finnish rally driver.

1968/ Paolo Maldini, Italian soccer player.

1971/ Massimiliano Biaggi, Italian motorcyclist.

1993/ Ariana Grande, American singer.

Who died on June 26?

1810/ Joseph M. Montgolfier, French inventor of the hot air balloon.

1838/ Mariano Lagasca, Spanish naturalist.

1878/ María de las Mercedes, queen of Spain, wife of Alfonso XII.

1975/ José María Escrivá de Balaguer, Spanish priest and saint.

1986/ Ignacio Coca, Spanish banker.

2012/ Gustavo Pérez Puig, Spanish scenic director.

>> George R. Hearst, American press tycoon.

2013/ Bert Stern, American photographer.

2017/ Gerónimo “Momo” Venegas, Argentine trade unionist.

2018/ Henri Namphy, former Haitian president.

>> Víctor “Tiburón” Contreras, Chilean swimmer.

2019/ Édith Scob, French actress.

>> Max Wright, American actor.

2020/ Taryn Power, American actress.

2021/ Abdalelah Haroun, Qatari athlete.

Saints of June 26.

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