this was the love story of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

It seemed that as soon as his name sounded, his destiny had been written. Or that the past had returned when it seemed that forever would be just that, past. At one point in the trial – perhaps one of the most mediatic in recent times, where even social networks are playing a crucial role – Amber Heard mentioned Kate Moss, ex-partner of her ex-partner and contender in court, Johnny Depp. And shortly after the CNN network released the news: the super model had to intervene as a witness this past Wednesday in the Fairfaix courthouse, in Virginia, at the request, precisely, of the lawyers of the 58-year-old interpreter.

“It’s simple: In my head, I instantly think of Kate Moss and the stairs,” were Heard’s words on the stand about an altercation in 2015 in which Depp allegedly would have tried to push her if not for the reaction of the sister of actress, Whitney Henriquez. she was referring to a widespread rumor that, while dating, the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean he hurled the supermodel down the stairs. Depp’s legal team was smiling: they could bring the catwalk star as a challenge witness to dispel such gossip. And so they have done.

But beyond that possible altercation, the relationship between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss is remembered not only for being one of the most mediatic that the 90s gave (they dated for four years, between 1994 and 1998) but also one of the ones that grabbed the most headlines because of how toxic it was, although at that time it was said to be “stormy” or “unstable”. And it all started with the need to forget a tattoo.

Camille Vasquez hugs Depp.

the protagonist of Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood either Sleepy Hollow he had just broken up with Winona Ryder and ‘Winona Forever’ was still fresh. A message that he managed to overcome when the writer George Wayne introduced them at Café Tabac in New York, as he himself took it upon himself to explain on his Instagram in 2019. “Johnny was eating dinner in the back of a restaurant when Kate walked in with Naomi [Campbell]. I introduced them” assured. It was 1994, she was 20 years old, he was ten years older, and all the spotlights and paparazzi photos turned to them.

“I knew, from the first moment we spoke, that we were going to be together,” declared Kate Moss shortly after. A friend of Depp, that same 1994, added fuel to the fire by detailing the couple’s ardor in the magazine People: “They are incapable of touching their lips, their legs all the time…”. remember from The confidential that pop culture journalist Maureen Callahan, in her book Champagne Supernovas, about the renaissance of the fashion world in the 90s, which “their appetite for alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and sex was voracious.”

The controversial romance between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, which lasted three years, ended with the model in a rehabilitation center.
The controversial romance between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, which lasted three years, ended with the model in a rehabilitation center.

And it was also something known, vox populi. The couple was increasingly given to certain scandals, comedians made jokes at their expense and the early morning of September 13, 1994 Johnny Depp was arrested for disruptive behavior and damage inside his room at the Hotel Mark from New York. The damage she had caused to one of the luxurious suites was around $10,000. The most curious thing was the picture that the agents found when they arrived alerted by other tenants.

Kate Moss was sitting quite calm in the midst of all the destruction, and another agent would add that Johnny Depp, when the door was opened, was smoking a cigarette. “There was glass everywhere, overturned furniture and broken table legs,” the agent would say.

What made that anecdote remain engraved in the memory was the explanation that Depp gave to all that: a wild armadillo had gotten into the closet hunting a cockroach and the damage they saw was the result of him trying to defend himself and others. his mate from the animal’s rage. Needless to say, the armadillo never showed up. “I went to jail for hitting a lamp and a frame! Now they can brag about having Johnny Depp arrested,” Depp said.

The relationship continued with many ups and downs and, when it seemed that they were already heading to the altar, the breakup came in 1997. A friend of Moss confessed to New York Times that the actor had “broken his heart”. They were seen together again in 1998, at the Cannes Film Festival, although some say that they were no longer together and, in fact, since then they have not been seen together again.

However, Depp’s legal team smiled when Amber Heard uttered the name Kate Moss. Perhaps because they remembered that the supermodel offered an interview in 2012 to Vanity Fair in which he admitted that, although the breakup hurt him a lot, Depp has been one of his best partners. “There is no one who could really take care of me. Johnny did do it for a while. It is that I believed what I saida. That’s what I missed the most when we broke up, losing that someone I could trust. It was a nightmare. Years and years of crying. My God, how many tears!” She recalled.

Moss will not be Depp’s first ex-partner to testify at the trial. In a prerecorded statement, Ellen Barkin stated that being with him found him to be a “controlling” and “jealous” man.

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