The almost unalterable beauty of Meryl Streep: This is what the actress looked like when she was 27 years old

Jun 19 2022 – 5:00 p.m.

Meryl Streep’s career is longstanding. From a very young age she managed to stand out in the cinema, where she has received multiple awards. In the late seventies her life changed and she became one of the most acclaimed stars in the industry.

At 72 years old, she has 20 Oscar nominations, according to the BBC, which makes her the interpreter who has had the most options to win the statuette, although she has only won it three times. In all cases as Best Actress.

The rise to stardom began in the 70s. By then, she also began her legendary love affair with the actor. John Cazale, famous for giving life to Fredo Corleone in the saga of “The Godfather”, but a few years into their relationship he died of cancer.

This is what Meryl Streep looked like at 27

In the midst of the great pain of a departure, a young Meryl Streep, 27, began to make herself known in the theater before making the big leap to the cinema and becoming the star she is now.

In addition to her undoubted talent and professionalism, the American actress impresses with her beauty that has remained almost unchanged over time. By then, she had lush blonde hair.

Her large, beautiful green eyes and perfectly lined lips impressed an industry that barely opened its doors to her.

The youthful face and radiant figure of the acclaimed actress was captured in big screen productions such as “Julia” (1977), “The Deer Hunter” (1977), which earned her her first Oscar and Globe nominations. Gold and “Kramer vs. Kramer”, which made her the winner of her first golden statuette.

Today, forty years later, Meryl Streep continues to be a source of inspiration for many actors and actresses in the artistic world. Recent blockbusters such as “The devil wears fashion”, “Don’t look up”, confirm it.

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