Shakira and her drama. The photos that worry the fans …

Shakira was “caught” driving her car through the streets of Barcelona, ​​the photos are anything but reassuring for her fans.

Summer didn’t start in the best way for Shakira. Just a few weeks ago, the Colombian singer announced her separation from Gerard Piqué through a statement.


“We are sorry to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, who are our top priority, we ask for respect for privacy. Thank you for your understanding ”, reads the text.

The couple had been to Orlando with their children a few days earlier and when the Catalan returned, he had communicated to Shakira that he no longer felt anything for her and wanted to end the relationship after twelve years together.

Shakira couldn’t believe it. If there was a problem, she wanted to fix it. She advised the Barca central defender to go to couples therapy, she also tried to get back together with him on two occasions.

The problem is that Piqué has already closed this story in his head and did not want to know to make further attempts.

The latest information that came from the former partner would be that Gerard Piqué would spend a few days in Stockholm while Shakira is still in the Catalan capital with her two children.

The Colombian continues her life with her children Milan and Sasha and doing what she knows best: being a successful singer.

With her new songs “Don’t You Worry” and “Te Felicito” the performer does not stop and continues to be determined to be on the musical platforms.

Singer Shakira
Singer Shakira

The same weekend that the news was published, some of the artist’s shots went viral when she was seen accompanying her son Milan to a sporting event in the Czech Republic. On that occasion, the couple traveled together to support their offspring. , but at the time there didn’t seem to be any problems yet.

However, Shakira was recently seen wandering around the streets of Barcelona driving her car. The images published by the tabloid “Daily Mail”, in which the artist comes out with a sad and serious face, have worried fans of her who wonder if she is okay.

Without going further, since the photographs were published, many have used their social media profiles to show their support.

Under the hashtag “We are with you”, many have filled these platforms with messages of encouragement to the Colombian singer after the painful breakup.

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