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A few months ago, Sandra Bullock shocked his fans by announcing that will retire from acting. After the movie was released “The Lost City” with Channing Tatumthe actress assured that she was very convinced of her decision.

Sandra Annette Bullock, real name of the actress, rose to fame with his participation in the tape “Maximum speed alongside Keanu Reeves, known for playing Neo in the Matrix franchise.

Subsequently, has ensured his talent and versatility as an actress by participating in films such as “Miss Sympathy”, “The Proposal”, “Gravity”, “Ocean’s 8: The Scammers” and “Unforgivable”.

Sandra Bullock starred in the film "Miss Congeniality" which premiered in 2000 (Photo: Fortis Films)
Sandra Bullock starred in the movie “Miss Congeniality” which was released in 2000 (Photo: Fortis Films)


During the SXSW Festival, where Sandra Bullock was promoting her latest film “The Lost City”, the actress He assured that he was going to temporarily withdraw from acting because he needed to rest and spend time with his family..

I take my job very seriously, but right now I just want to be with my kids and family 24/7. This means that I am going to give myself a break”, explained the 57-year-old interpreter in an interview.

Later, he gave more details about the reason for his withdrawal, since Sandra Bullock suffers from “burnout” or “professional burnout syndrome”. For this reason, the Oscar winner for her role in “A Possible Dream” will take a break.

I am so burned. I’m so tired and I’m not able to make smart healthy decisions and I know. Work has always been constant for me and I have been very lucky, but I realized that it was becoming my crutch. It was like opening a fridge all the time and looking for something that was never there.”, he commented to “The Hollywood Reporter”.


The tireless work that the actress has been doing caused physical and emotional wear and tear that prevents her from continuing her career. However, Sandra Bullock don’t think this will be permanentbut you still need to assess how much time you’ll need to recharge.

If I decide to retire, then I will make that announcement.”, he finished


According to the World Health Organizationprofessional attrition syndrome or “burnout” is caused by chronic work stress that could not be handled correctly.

It is characterized by deep feeling of tirednessmental detachment from work, negative feelings about work, and reduced professional efficiency.

It is a phenomenon linked to the occupational context that should not be used for other personal areas.

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