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Communicating the arrival of another 4.254 million euros for the restoration and recovery of the historic gardens of Pesaro, Mayor Matteo Ricci and his deputy and councilor Daniele Vimini used a couple of terms that are not Freudian “lapsus” but that finally illuminate with a light that acquires a precise historical meaning. It is, they said with reference to that money, a “loot of funds that Pesaro intercepts”. Which means that Ricci and Vimini are the reincarnation of Sir Francis Drake, the great pirate, but also a great politician, who in the second half of the sixteenth century ran the seas around the world, raiding everything of value he encountered on the oceans in the name and for account of Queen Elizabeth I of England. And in their last excursion they crossed once again the route of European funds, returning home with another loot that goes to accumulate with the already substantial one lying in the municipal coffers. As for Ricci – Wicker a little less and if anything in a future version – the only difference with Drake is that he plays the role of Drake and Queen Elizabeth at the same time, brings home the loot and also decides on his shopping . Ricci and Vimini are good, they play well the role of modern, efficient administrators, today they are here and tomorrow there, they have contacts, they see people, but above all, and it is not fresh water, they find money, the lack of which has always been the impassable wall between words and deeds. Wicker speaks more under metaphor and refined, Ricci is more Gascon and in fact every now and then he gets a shot because he doesn’t have a clear “consecutio temporum”, the one in which it is better to speak after than before. But these are little things that do not affect their objective skill. And yet at this point it is another fear that looms, that time passes uselessly and they end up like Scrooge Scrooge with the room full of baiocchi that unfortunately they only needed to dive into him.

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