Melody will star Katy Perry!

Katy Perry will co-write the songs for the musical animated film which will be produced by ZAG, an independent animation studio.

Katy Perry is one of the most popular singers, 143 million records sold worldwide has positioned her as one of the most listened to artists, now she will hit the screens through Melodyan animated musical tape.

Melody will be a film starring Katy, who will also co-write and perform the songs of the film, the animated film will be created and directed by jeremy zag (Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug) in association with Tyler Thompson of Cross Creek Pictures Y Michael Gracey (The Greatest Showman).

Katy Perry to star in Melody

Melody has an important message

Singer Melody (Katy Perry) must overcome the evil plans of Rose Stellaran evil and envious queen of pop who has jealously sworn to destroy the good-natured, insecure but prodigious singer.

The tape will be uplifting and inspirational self discovery that celebrates how important it is to fulfill the dreams of believing in oneself and that loving is stronger than being loved.

“I have dreamed of making Melody for years, with the vision of delivering empowering messages in a wonderful world full of music and adventure.”

Jeremy Zag – Director

In accordance with jeremy zagthe protagonist of this film is adored by her fans but the unsafety it’s something you have to fight.

“As a pop star, Melody is adored by her fans, but as a young artist, she struggles with insecurity. On this journey of self-discovery, she realizes that the key to fulfilling her life’s dreams is that she must learn to love herself first. Katy Perry’s journey to stardom is embodied in Melody and given her career-long passion for being an inspiration to her fans, she is the perfect collaborator for our animated film.”

Jeremy Zag – Director

Melody will be an animated film and starring Katy Perry

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