María Cecilia Botero, the petrista who did not need RCN and Caracol to be able to live

Refugee in her apartment in the north of Bogotá at 66 years old, the diva is happy: her candidate won and she strengthens her legend with the popularity of Encanto

Few Colombian actors over 60 years of age live like Maria Cecilia Botero does. Every morning, after a cerrero red wine, like a good paisa, the actress goes out to her large terrace and watches how the sun begins to fade the clouds that settle on the eastern hills.

Gone are the years when you couldn’t go outside. According to her account, it could take two hours going to the bakery on the corner. They all wanted to be close to her aura. And although fame has diminished, she has been lucky and she still has a job in a country that has always turned its back on her artists.

Every morning while she drinks her coffee, María Cecilia Botero, a Petrista convinced but devoted to the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, thanks the Lady of Colombia for not ending her days like María Eugenia Dávila, forgotten in an asylum in the Pasadena neighborhood of Bogotá. or as Luis Fernando Orozco, without a job and depending on how little his famous daughters Verónica and Ana María Orozco can do. Botero knew how to save, he invested well and he also had the discipline and the luck to stay current at 66 years of age.

At that age, in which actresses are condemned to ostracism for the crime of aging, María Cecilia got the role of her life giving the voice to Alma Madrigal, Mirabel’s grandmother in the animated film Charm.

With her he was able to achieve what he once dreamed of while watching classics like Kramer vs. Kramer either Sophie’s decisiontwo of the most repeated films of his goddess, Meryl Streep): stepping on the carpet at the Oscars.

Although the great joy for this glory of Colombian television occurred on June 19 when his candidate Gustavo Petro, the one he has been supporting since 2018, became the first demobilized guerrilla to become president of this country.

All this is told by Diego Fajardo from Las2orillas in this interview:

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