Kim Kardashian, the children disturb the interview and she silences them live (video)

After the controversy over Marilyn Monroe’s dress, Kim Kardashian returns to star in a new episode on TV and this time it’s about her children.

“Can you stop it ?!”. This is how Kim Kardashian assertively “silences” her two children of her Saint West, six years old and Psalm West, three of her, who angered her by disturbing her live interview. TV. During a new episode of the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fellon, the Kardashian, guest of the evening, she couldn’t help but lecture her children, whom she had brought with her for the first time on TV to let them watch the live broadcast. Saint and Psalm, however, failed to behave as their mother would have liked and started screaming, creating discomfort in the studio and forcing her to interrupt the interview to film them in front of everyone.

“Guys can you finish it? This is the first time I’ve taken you to work with me, can you please me (to be silent)?” The Kardashian star told rapper Kanye West’s children. “I hear them making so much noise in the studio”, she justified herself, then with the presenter of the show, and then finally addressed the little ones again: “Guys, please, don’t screw it up, let’s go!”

And while the situation seemed under control and Kardashian told Fellon about her daughter North West’s passion for “special effect make-up”, the children were back in noise, so Kim was forced to scold them again and do them. exit the studio.

“Guys, seriously, you have to go,” he said to the two little spectators.

Here the video of Kim Kardashian shooting her children during the interview (min.1.22)

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