Jonathan Pérez and the pride he feels for wearing the TriMediotiempo shirt

In the Mexican National Team U-20who drives Luis Perezthere are youthree mexican american playersone of them is Jonathan Perezwho plays in Los Angeles Galaxy and is a fundamental piece in the scheme of the team that this Sunday will face Puerto Ricoin the Round of 16 of the Concacaf World Cup.

Johnnyas he is known among his Tricolor teammates, said that the decision he made to play for Mexico was founded on the love he has for his parentsin the sacrifice they made to fulfill the dream of being a footballer.

“For me it is pay all the sacrifice they had with meThey worked for me to fulfill my dreams and It’s the least I can do, let them see me with that shirt and sing the anthem”, he said in an interview with halftime.

my parents are mexican and when I sing the anthem I feel good, because my whole family is mexican and i feel that pride and I have grown up with that culture; being here makes me feel proud”.

Perez talked about how life has been for his parents since they came to USAin search of American dream. “My parents they are 25 years old in the United States and they arrived with nothingThey sold soccer jerseys and then my dad became a driver.”

Despite being born in the United States, Jonathan speaks Spanish well and confessed that this is because his parents make him hold conversations in the language From home.

“In my house I speak Spanish with my parents, they demand that I learn it, because that will help me a lot and in the National Team it has helped me a lot, because I always speak Spanish and I want to improve it”.


Jonathan he is a youth squad player for the Los Angeles Galaxy, a team in which shares a dressing room with Javier Hernández, who gives him advice to lead his young career.

“It’s okay father having a legend like him by your side, the top scorer of the National Team and it was a dream since I was a child to play with him and it feels great to have it. Sometimes I talk to him gives me advice, supports me in training and tells me what I can improve; He told me not to worry, not to despair, because that’s how he started and an opportunity will come like what happened to him in Chivas.”


Concacaf decided that the Under-20 World Cup disputed in Honduras also serves as qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympicsand Pérez is confident that these goals will be met.

“That is what we all want, to have that opportunity to represent Mexico in those tournaments like in a World Cup and that is what those of us who are here are looking for”.

In the Tricolor Group Phase went from more to less, thrashing Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago, but they tied goalless in the last duel against Haiti.

“We started well in the first two games and against Haiti was not what we wanted, but we still have the goal, which is to be group leaders. We are well and ready for what follows, which is Puerto Rico.”

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