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What has been for fifty years the cornerstone that has sustained the struggle for women’s liberation in the United States has just been repealed. That the right to abortion, as the last measure to take autonomy from one’s own body in the face of the biological, sexual, ideological urgencies of others, outside that body, with all reasonable safeguards for the unborn child, no longer exists as a right of the nation, but that power is returned to the territories that can make it a crime to abort even in the case of rape. From now on the woman who has been born under the aegis of Roe vs. Wade is going to have to decide if he wants to settle in this or that state looking out of the corner of his eye, aside from the telefilm love with the town vet, if he can or can’t take charge of his own body, lest the said vet that is, under the impeccable flannel shirt lit by a photovoltaic smile that hints at some extremely shaven pectorals, a bastard with spots on his back. That we have already seen that movie and Julia Roberts came out.

American feminists have been announcing that the wolf is coming for a long time and no one has paid much attention to them until Trump has left his legacy: a right wing unleashed in the Supreme Court that has skipped all consensus and does not need to take power because it was already installed in the. All of this that I am telling you about, which seems a bit like the Pelican report, is happening here in Spain with the Constitutional Court and the Popular Party’s refusal to renew the General Council of the Judiciary on time. Well, it seems that we are seeing that film as well and without Julia Roberts appearing.

To show that what is already happening there is unfolding here, they have nothing more to do with the latest controversy that has jumped from the Assembly of the Region. With the excuse of freedom and gender ideology, the regional rights have refused to ban conversion therapies, which all experts say is a trick for the patient, because apart from not obtaining any results, they leave lasting consequences. It is the constant attack, as in the case of the attack on women, to what for them is not normative and does not fit into their schemes.

The scandal is in educating children in diversity, so that they do not feel sick when they grow up, and in sexuality, to avoid, among other things, the last resort to abortion, but an lgtbi person must necessarily be ill and a woman has born to give birth even if it costs her life. What they preach looks suspiciously like an imposition so that the sexes work with arbitrary rules imposed by others, not as each individual wants. What comes to be ideology about gender. Let’s see if Julia Roberts made a movie for them to understand.

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