Everything indicates that Camila Cabello’s ‘Family’ will be like Nicole Kidman’s in ‘The Others’

Just yesterday we were talking about the two performances that Camila Hair had done in ‘Saturday night Live’ to promote his new album, ‘Family’, waiting for the first sales predictions for the album in the United States to be confirmed. Well, that time has come and we can consider that it is very possible that at this time of the day, Camila has shut himself up in a church to speak with God, our Lord, and ask him with an arrow of Sarah Montiel Let things go up. That he has never asked her for anything, except that one time he swore he would prepare mac & cheese for the next parish meeting if normani stumbled during VMA, and that not even that had been fulfilled. That this time it was time to do him a favor.

And all why? Well, because the ‘Family’ of Camila Hair Its the ‘Nothing is forever’. It’s the one at the end of ‘Ana and the Seven’. the of Nicole Kidman in ‘The others’: Even if we pretend not to, she’s dead. And we can walk around Billboard with ‘Bam Bam’ pretending that everything is fine, asking the housekeeper to close the old door before opening a new one, and touching up our buns with bobby pins every two hours, but the reality is that she is dead. Kaput. Passed away. Like Megan Thee Stallion in the second verse of ‘WAP’, he is not expected to breathe any time soon.

‘Familia’ will start its journey on Billboard with a dismal 25,000 unitswhich will lead to Camila to debut in the top 15 of the list, when the fanbase was more or less clear about a top 5 debut if not to fight for a #1 drop. Therefore, the news of the disc has been with a jug of cold water that refreshes even more if we break it down: of the 25k units, just 9,000 copies will correspond to the digital and physical sales of the album, a fact that we are going to focus on.

Because curiously, and despite the rise in streaming in recent years, Camila Hair hadn’t suffered much in sales between their first and second albums: ‘Camila’ debuted with 65,000 copies sold out of its 119,000 total units, while ‘Romance’ it fell to 86,000 units, but retained 54,000 copies sold. Just 11,000 copies away.

‘Family’ loses 84% ​​of second album buyers. A hard blow that is undoubtedly caused by the new rules of Billboard -which limit mass purchases and do not allow the purchase of bundles with merchandise or tickets-, but even with those it is a very bad sign for work. Probably Hair have to settle for being more a product of singles than albums. Of course, for that you also need bam bam’ do not mark a ‘Don’t Go Yet’ in the country. Because with ‘Psychofreak’, for now, little to nothing is happening.

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