Ecuador will host the Adventure World Cup again in 2024

After 10 years, Ecuador will once again host the Adventure Racing World Championship. It is expected to have more than 70 national and international teams.

The 2014 Adventure World Cup was a historic event for Ecuador. In addition to being the first time the race was organized in the country, a Tricolor team, the Movistar Team, he finished in third place.

The story of the arthur dog, who crossed rivers and traversed the most difficult terrain together with the Peak Performance team. Mikael Lindnord, one of its members, decided to save this abandoned dog and took it with his family to Sweden.

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All this story will be told in the movie’Arthur The King‘, based on a book written by Lindnord and which will star Mark Wahlberg.

This was one of the incredible experiences that this competition left behind and for which the Adventure Racing World Circuit decided to choose Ecuador again as the venue for 2024.

giant expectations

Ecuador has ahuge potential” to do adventure tourism, explains Santiago López, director of Proyecto Aventura and organizer of the next World Cup in 2024.

“It is an interesting challenge that makes us happy, but also with the responsibility of raising the bar. In 2014 we had a good World Cup, but now we have more experience and teams, we are heading towards an event with huge expectations“.

The organization of the competition has also decided that the race will take place in a completely different place than the course in 2014 or in the Huairasinchis held annually in the country.

“We want to take the World Cup south of the equator. There are a lot of options and the height factor is less”.

Among the candidate provinces to host this event are El Oro, Cañar, Azuay, Loja and Morona Santiago. “It is time to explore different parts of the country and show the world the wonders we have in this region.”

To organize an event of this magnitude, López has received the support of the Ministry of Sports and also hopes to have the Ministries of Tourism and Environment and the provincial and municipal governments.

“It is hard work. Not only do you have to draw the routes, the event must be financed. We want to give a worldwide show, make it the best race ever“.

Adventure sport in Ecuador

Adventure races offer unique challenges to their participants, who must go through hundreds of kilometers over several days in inhospitable places and roads.

It is a sport that includes several disciplines (trail runningmountain biking, kayaking, climbing and orienteering) and that has generated a lot of interest in Ecuadorians during the last two decades.

Gonzalo Calisto was one of the pioneers of this activity in the country and has been practicing it since 2003. He feels that there is already two new generationsApart from yours, you are trying out the sport.

“Adventure sport in Ecuador has grown very hard, the amount of new equipment is impressive. The races have also evolved and the events in our country are among the best in the world”, comments the athlete who competed in the 2014 World Cup.

Currently there are three Ecuadorian teams that are in the Top 10 of the ranking of the World Adventure Circuit: Movistar-Terra Aventura (fourth place), Life Adventure Imptek (fifth) and Papacara Saludsa Vitality (sixth).

“Having the World Cup again in Ecuador will motivate new generations to concentrate during these two years and prepare to the fullest.”

Gonzalo Calisto, athlete

The World Circuit has already defined the venues for the next three editions of the race. This 2022 will be played in Paraguay, in 2023 it will be in South Africa and in 2024 it will be in Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian is a great host, we are going to give a great welcome to the international teams. It is time to show our natural wonders and position the country at a global level with this event”, concludes Calisto.

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