Daughter of Millaray Viera and Álvaro López shines interpreting a song by Billie Eilish: “Sing beautiful”

Jun 25 2022 – 3:00 p.m.

The vocalist of the penquista band “The Bunkers”, Alvaro Lopez, uploaded a video where it appears juliethis daughter with Millaray Vierashowing off performing a song by Billie Eilish.

The eldest daughter, who was married years ago, inherited the vocal talent of her parents. Repeatedly, her parents have uploaded videos of her where she can be heard with her melodious voice.

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“Proud and Drooling”

In the clip, Julieta appears playing a piano while perfectly singing the song released in 2021 by the popular American singer, “Happier Than Ever”.

Throughout the video, Álvaro López also joins a duet in the melody with his daughter, who left the musician totally satisfied with his talent.

“‘Happier than ever’ by Julieta. The music party just for me. I love you my hood, I’m proud and drooling“, he wrote in the description.

In a matter of minutes, the video achieved thousands of reproductions and dozens of comments, in which they highlighted the great vocal capacity that the teenager has.

“I love Juliet”, “too much talent in a video”, “what pride, Álvaro”, “such a stick, such a splinter”, “beautiful and dry like her daddy”, “both sing beautiful”, “it is dry the Juliet”, “sings beautiful”; they are part of the messages that can be read in the publication.

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