Danna Paola and other celebrities who attended Pride 2022

MEXICO CITY.- Preparations for the pride march began early, as various artists posted the outfits they would wear to the LGBT+ community commemorative event.

Without a doubt, one of the singers who generated surprise was Danna Paola, since just this Friday, June 24, she communicated through her social networks that she would attend the capital’s Zócalo in an allegorical car from the TikTok platform, likewise, they have presented personalities such as Alfredo Adame.

This Saturday afternoon, Danna gave a preview of the outfit she wore, blue boots and a shiny suit. She subsequently posted a video on Tiktok with Lady Gaga’s background song, “Born This Way”.

Danna has become one of the most loved pop artists not only by the general public but also by the LGBT+ community.

He has also posted videos on Instagram from the allegorical car while shouting, “Long live love.” In the video, her fans are seen waving at the camera and at the same time recording the artist.

Other fans shout the name of the interpreter of “Agüita”.

Alfredo Adame also attended the event and took pictures with politician Sergio Máyer as well as with other personalities from the community.

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