Camille Vásquez revealed what Johnny Depp’s reaction was after winning Amber’s trial

After four days of trial, Peter Rivera, father of Lupillo Rivera, was declared innocent of the crime of sexual harassment against Fabiola Avalosformer employee of the family patriarch Riverafor which he was acquitted of 6 of the 7 charges against him.

Peter Rivera he was only accused of “reporting payments (paytubs)”. ‘The Bull of the Corrido‘ spoke exclusively to windowing and compared his father’s triumph with that of Johnny Depp, who was successful in the defamation trial against his ex-partner AmberHeard, who must pay the actor 8,350 million dollars.

“The truth is that we are very grateful to God that gave us this opportunity that my father could also be an example for men who sometimes accuse women of things just because they can, “he said.

“There are many women who just say to say… and most of the time it is a lie, so, the good thing that my father could be an example as well as Johnny Deppsame,” he added.

Lupillo Rivera also justified the absence of his nephews (sons of Jenni Rivera) throughout the legal process faced by his father. “Everything is fine, thank God, all of them are fine, just like I say, working and the job.”

Will there be new Jenni record material?

About the unreleased record material of Jenni Rivera, himself to be released by his father Pedro Rivera, Lupillo revealed that he has nothing to do with said project.

“There my father has many recordings of my carnala, this, my nephews found I think 20 voices of Jenny that they have never left too and they are controlling all those projects, my sister left a lot of good things and I hope my nephews enjoy it as it should be because my sister worked for them and I hope they are the ones who enjoy it, “he added.

Lupillo and his recent pressure drops

Currently, lupillo is promoting his most recent single, titled “the toston”; however, he has recently had two incidents with his health, one of them in Tultitlan where he had to suspend his show, fortunately he returned to the stage and yesterday he performed at San Juan del Rio, Queretaro.

“Our blood pressure dropped several times and well, we already went to do all the checkups there with the doctors from Tijuanathey already checked everything, everything and there are minor things that we have to take care of, the diet, we have to take care of the alcohol, that is, it’s not the same monkey anymore, so we have to take care of ourselves a little more, but that’s all that It happened,” he concluded.

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