At 53, Jennifer Aniston has the perfect dress for an event

At 53 years old, Jennifer Aniston have the dress perfect for an event. It is that the actress of Friends is clear about what she wants. And that is also transferred to fashion and the outfits that she chooses for the different presentations or red carpets. She stays true to a color palette that includes white and off white, nude, gray and black. “Jennifer has shown us the versatility of the classic style and the garments that characterize this style,” says designer and stylist Nacho Herdt @nachoherdt.

This time he wears a mini dress white with a closed polo neck and a ribbed effect that goes from the torso to the skirt. It’s a dress sports-inspired, with a clear reference to a tennis uniform. This set of dress white, pleated is perfect for the day, we could see it at the racetrack with total normality and also for the night”, assures the stylist.


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