Amber Heard announced that she will appeal the judgment of the trial against Johnny Depp, although to proceed she must pay a fortune

The actress Amber Heard announced that will appeal the sentence of the trial for defamation against Johnny Depp, after a popular jury ruled on June 1 in favor of compensating the actor with 15 million dollars for damages. However, to proceed with the appeal you must pay more than 8 million dollarsan amount of money that would not have.

The intention to appeal the result of the trial was announced this Friday by the actress’s lawyers, after a meeting between the legal teams of Heard and Depp before the judge. Penney Azcarate in a court in Fairfax, state of Virginia, United States, reported the local media Los Angeles Times.

According to the newspaper Deadline Hollywoodthe judge told Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoftthat The actress will have to pay a bail of 8.35 million dollars and 6% annual interest for the appeal to proceed formally. A fortune that the woman would not have according to her own lawyer.

Despite the amount, the actress’s representative stated that they plan to appeal the decision “regardless of the consequences.” “A pardon is not requested if they are innocent. Y he does not refuse to appeal if he knows he is right”, he added.

Heard has repeatedly defended his case after the sentence against him. In the first interview after the trial, given to the chain NBCexplained that he will continue to maintain the testimony he gave “until his last day.”

Heard and Depp had been married for 10 months and had a very contentious divorce. After which, the actress, in an article in Washington Post had hinted that she had suffered gender-based violence.

The sentence for the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

On June 1, a popular jury awarded the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean .15 million dollars as a reward for damageswhich were finally reduced to just over 10 million, and 2 million for Amber Heard.

At the sentencing, Heard was found to have damaged Depp’s reputation by publishing an opinion column in 2018 in which she described herself as a victim of domestic abuse.

In addition, Depp was ordered to pay Heard another $2 million on the grounds that she was defamed by one of the actor’s lawyers.

Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against Amber Heard

The problems between Depp and Heard were revealed after the scandalous divorce they went through, after a marriage that lasted from February 2015 to May 2016. Heard accused him of having beaten her and ordered measures of restraint and rapprochement. On her side, Depp had rejected all allegations of emotional, physical and verbal violence.

That legal dispute was dissolved after the separation was agreed in private. Both issued a joint statement, in which they argued that they had a “passionate relationship” and that they reached an understanding. Although the problems seemed to be resolved, everything changed radically when the actress of the movie “Aquaman” wrote an article in 2018 in The Washington Post, in which he defined himself as “a public figure who represents domestic abuse”.

As a result of this publication, Depp began to be discharged from different productions, including the successful spin off from Harry Potter, “Fantastic Beasts”. For this reason, he started this new lawsuit in which the actor demanded compensation of 50 million dollars.

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