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Ariana Grande, one of the most famous and loved pop voices on the international music scene. Yet, her career is not limited only to music, but also extends to other ambitions, from cinema to fashion. Today, June 26, the new global pop icon of the new millennium turns 29 and is already the idol of several generations.

Happy birthday Ariana Grande: one of the greatest pop icons of the new millennium
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Today he is one of the most important stars of international music, but the career of Ariana Grande he has a very long past, despite his young age. The passion for music is transmitted to him by his family, but his debut is in the musicalwhere he can combine two of the disciplines he loves most: the music and the acting. After a successful season, Ariana Grande begins to get noticed and deepen her dedication to singing.

Ariana Grande
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In the same years, however, he did not abandon acting, in fact many also remember his appearances on Disney Channel. Finally, however, his first studio album arrives Yours Trulya collection of unpublished. A record that Ariana Grande worked on for three long years, but which began to increase her popularity. Thanks to the spread of her music, too Justin Bieber he calls her to open his concerts.

Success with Problem and the first important collaborations

Only a year later his first album comes an anticipation of the second studio album: Problem. A song with pop notes, sometimes even hip hop, with the participation of Iggy Azalea. A single released almost by surprise, but which debuts in a short time in second position in the Billboard Hot 100. An almost impossible goal to believe for Ariana Grande, still at the beginning of her career, but which gives her the right energy to continue a long and successful season.

Ariana Grande
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Shortly after the publication of Problemalso arrives Bang Bangone of the first important collaborations with Jessie J And Nicki Minaj. His second studio album finally arrives, My Everythingwhich marks the first world success of the artist who debuts at the top of the Billboard 200. The latest single on the album is One last timewhich quickly became a hit and ranks second among the singer’s most iconic songs.

The beginning of a new chapter for Ariana Grande

After months of silence following theattack during the Manchester concertwhich claimed 22 victims, Ariana Grande decides to return to the musical scene as a sign of rebirth. For this, he decides to upset his style and experiment with new musical genres different from what she is used to. He comes out with this goal Sweetenerthe fourth studio album of her career, which brings her closer to sound R&B and music nu-disk.

Ariana Grande
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And after two more albums that marked his career, Thank U, Next And PositionsAriana Grande today continues to accumulate important awards, such as the latter Grammy won only last year. A creepy voice, with an unprecedented vocal range: now the singer is one of the pop icons most famous world championships, but also loved by the general public. And it is for this, but also for her private successes, that Ariana Grande can toast to hers 29 years old more than satisfied with her path and ambitions for the future.

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