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León, Guanajuato.-After winning the reality “I’m famous, get me out of here!” Alfredo Adame said the experience brought him back to his core and he was willing to look for his children Diego, Sebastian Y Alexander.

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The actor was a guest on the radio program “La Caminera”, hosted by Tania Rincón, Fer Gay and Fran Hevia, who during their section on “Transcendental Questions”, asked him “How is your relationship with your children?

“My children right now is fractured, my children misbehaved because suddenly the mother acted badly, did bad things. I was the best provider, the best husband, the best father, I never did anything for her, I gave them everything and suddenly the mother had several years plotting, conspiring and doing very serious wrong things”, he counted.

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The presenter continued his answer by saying that when he asked for a divorce from the mother of his children (Mary Paz Banquells), whose name he never mentioned, he told her that this would be when Sebastián turned 18 and was mature enough.

“The divorce is coming, the mother is going to live in a house that I turned around four blocks away and my children began to do inappropriate things and strange things, I got them a friendly green card, then the yellow until I got the red and disinherited them, “he said.

He also related that one day he got tired and he did not want to know more about thembut that people always tell him to look for them and in the reality show when they asked him about them, he said he would look for them and That’s how he did it before Father’s DaySo he sent a message to Sebastian to invite him to eat and celebrate.

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He stressed that he had said that without grudges, without claims, without anything, just a hug and a kiss and immediately reproduced the voice note he sent to his son.

“Hello Sebastian, hey, on Sunday I invite you to eat, and well, whoever wants to come is invited, come out! Not here, but let’s see where, but whoever wants to come, if you want, answer me.”

Fer Gay asked him, “And you didn’t get a congratulatory message for Father’s Day?”to which he replied that “No congratulations, no nothing.”

“Sebastián, who is like the spokesman and said ‘I adore my dad, I love him and everything and I do want to have a relationship with him and meet again and all that stuff’and there was the message since Monday of last week and they never responded, or anything.

To close the answer, he said that he would leave it like that and that if they wanted something with him, they should call him, tell him and they would meet again, because he was never closed to reconciliation even when he was angry about his behavior.

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