William Regal points to the two women who really started the Women’s Revolution

WWE popularized the phase of the women’s revolution with the appearance of fighters of the stature of Bayley, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks. However, others believe that it was not the stars that made the status of women change in recent years. Some think it was the Knockouts! and others who were other familiar faces.

William Royal talked about this matter on the podcast Gentleman Villainwhere he revealed the two fighters who were for him the true founders of the Women’s Revolution: Paige and Emma. “I’m going to have to give Paige and Emma the biggest compliment I can give them. They were the two people who started it before the four horsewomen and everyone else,” Regal said of the women who started the true women’s revolution.

“They, Paige and Emma, It was the two ladies who started all that. And it’s weird to see that first TakeOver, because if you had asked me, I wouldn’t have thought Paige was on the main roster back then. That’s how fast time flies. And I remember being there the first night she debuted. We were in New Orleans, and I remember talking to her after her and saying, ‘This is it. The journey is about to begin. Whatever you’ve done in NXT, the journey is about to start now.'”

Paige and Emma they were the basis of everything that came out of the incredible streak of women who went through NXT and everything that happened afterRegal went on to explain. “They were the two initial ladies that caught everyone’s attention. And they never got to work on a TakeOver. People think they were part of it, but what they did happened before. The revolution happened before TakeOver was held.”

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