Where to buy the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 at the best price in Spain

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is the new light brand bracelet, easy to use and with a great autonomy, so that it lasts much longer without the need to charge. Its screen is larger, with 1.62 inches of AMOLED type with Always-On-Display mode, and it has more training and monitoring functions capable of recording up to 120 activities. Do you want to know where you can buy it now at the best possible price?

Find it cheaper after the introductory offer

Xiaomi Band 7 is already on sale, and best of all, you can buy it at a much cheaper price than you could imagine, although surely it is not at the 49.99 euros of the special launch offer to which you could find it in the official Xiaomi store on July 22 and 23. This same price with which the special offer to which Amazon has joined was also probably not maintained. It may be that at the time you are seeing this its price has risen somewhat. We recommend that you consult it anyway because it can be one of the best options today!

In this same offer you can find a lowest official price, 58.97 euros, so it is not a bad place to consult before making your purchase. Although it may vary at the time you are reading these lines. It does not hurt to consult the Xiaomi official store and Amazon link above to see its price at the time of your query, since it may be somewhat lower than on other sites.

These first offers They came with a reduction of 10 euros compared to its usual price, which is €59.99 at the time of its presentation. Although you will no longer find it available now, you can get hold of it by best price in Spain from these same pages and in some other stores that sell this smart bracelet, which has not yet reached many places.

buy smart band 7

Another establishment where you can buy the new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 SmartBand at a good price is at TodoConsolas, where you can get hold of it at a promotional price of 56.95 euros, which represents a reduction of 6% with respect to its official price. Of course, the shipping costs are 3.95 euros. However, you can ask for it in one of their stores to save these expenses if it is available in one of the nearby stores that they will indicate to you. on the same purchase page.

Other cheap purchase options

If you want to buy your bracelet cheaper than the prices that are handled in the mentioned sites, you will have no choice but to expect to reach other places and offers are increased for this new Xiaomi model that has just been launched recently. In the next few days they may arrive more offers to Amazon, El Corte Inglés, PCComponentes and many other sites, however, for now the offers are limited. At MovilZona, we will inform you of new offers that you cannot miss when they arrive.

In this article MovilZona includes affiliate links for which a commission is received that has no impact on the user. These purchase recommendations are independent, without an agreement with the brands.

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