“Top Gun: Maverick”: Streaming debut would also depend on Tom Cruise

With “Top Gun: Maverick” sweeping theaters worldwidebreaking records in both the career of Tom Cruise as in the story of Paramount Pictures, the landing of the successful sequel to streaming Paramount + is still a long way off.

Even more importart, all that would depend on Cruise himself.

“Maverick” does not yet have a release date on the Paramount platform in the US. and, according to the insider from Hollywood Matthew Belloni on your podcast The Town with Matthew Belloni“the last I heard from Paramount was that the window (of film exclusivity) was 120 days, but Paramount would like to talk to Tom Cruise again and negotiate a shorter window in order to capture some of the home format revenue, either on premium video on demand, or on its Paramount Plus streaming service, yet to be determined“.

“I know Paramount would like this movie to be on a streaming service soon. But if it continues to play in theaters like it is, there’s really no incentive for Tom Cruise to go along with it other than money, and he’s a big believer in the ecosystem of theaters and he has control over this movie on your deal“, assured the insider.

It is that the film has already exceeded the barrier of 900 million dollars worldwide, in its first 25 days in theaters, and the collection in the US has been the best in Cruise’s career, with more than 474 million dollars only in that market.

Therefore, there is no scenario in which the film lands on streaming soon, not while it is still strong in theaters.

In fact, as a protagonist and producer, Cruise also prevented the film from initially being released on streaming. when there were attempts by some platforms to acquire the sequel, during the time that it had to postpone its debut due to the pandemic.

“That’s not going to happen. Never”said Cruise in Cannes regarding the possibility that the sequel would have debuted in streaming, defending the decision to release in theaters because “I make movies for the big screen”.

In Latin America, the situation is even more complex in the case of Paramount+, because the studio’s theatrical releases are not going through the Latin American platformWhat we explain it in this note.

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The next chapter of “Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell” is led by Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy, Oblivion), presenting the legendary pilot clinging to an old world that many consider extinct, a fossil in the midst of the new blood that comes to renew the air. But when the Navy is faced with a mission no pilot has seen before, it will be necessary to go back to the old school to train the next generation. This will force him to face a past with which he still has outstanding debts.

The sequel continues on billboard and from this sidewalk we recommend you see it on the big screen. They won’t regret it.

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