Top Gun: Maverick hits $500 million at the US box office

It is well known that Tom Cruise is one of the most profitable actors in Hollywood, which is why he has such popular franchises as Mission: Impossible – 61% or high-impact individual films like Eyes Wide Shut – 74%, Jerry Maguire: Love and Defiance – 85% or War of the Worlds – 74%]. Just having the name of the actor on the poster is a guarantee that the film will have a good opening at least.

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He has also had setbacks as The Mummy – 58% o Night and Day – 52%, but he is still one of the favorite stars of the audience and the darling of Hollywood. It’s never surprising that a movie starring him is successful, but this year in particular, what the sequel to Top Gun: Passion and Glory has achieved – 54% after more than 30 years and with a much better response. It has even been considered that Top Gun: Maverick – 98% will become a classic.

Since its premiere, the film directed by Joseph Kosinski (Only the Brave – 90%) has remained among the favorites at the world box office, only in Mexico it has not left the top 5. A couple of weeks ago Maverick became the highest grossing film in Tom Cruisebut there is still a long way to go and it is about to also become one of the highest-grossing films worldwide of all time.

First of all, it should be mentioned that, considering the budget that was invested in the production of the feature film, its profits are quite enviable. According to reports, its budget was around USD$170 million and Collider estimates that in the next few days it will accumulate a total of USD$500 million (or more) only in the United States and Canada (local box office). Until its fifth Friday, it has accumulated a total of USD $ 499,472 million.

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Experts estimate that Top Gun: Maverick will hit $1 billion globally soon, and that’s almost a sure thing considering he’s still halfway through his career on the card. So far it is between the second or third largest weekend in the United States arguing its position between Titanic – 88% and Avatar – 83%, both by James Cameron. On its fifth Friday alone, it grossed $8.2 million, trailing Elvis’ $12.7 million debut – 85%.

His total this weekend is expected to be around $30 million, a pretty good number for how long he’s been projecting. Collider also reported that the film is already, so far, the highest grossing film of the year domestically, leaving Disney and Marvel Studios behind after the notable fall of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – 88%, which lost the audience’s interest faster than expected.

Top Gun: Maverick It is not only a nostalgia game, but with its narrative, visual and auditory quality it has even managed to surpass its predecessor. In addition, he managed to bring Val Kilmer back to the big screen and shock the essence of his protagonist and work together with the rest of the new cast.

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