This was the teenage romance of Kim Kardashian and the nephew of Michael Jackson

LThe romances have been accompanying kim kardashiansince she was a teenager and in her love life there was a relationship that began while she was just passing through the classrooms of Marymount High School, in los angelesCalifornia, with the nephew of Michael Jackson.

Your relationship with TJwas apparently one of the healthiest and shared great moments with him, while they were both teenagers.

How did the romance of Kim Kardashian and TJ Jackson begin?

This relationship may not have been the first for both celebrities from los angelesHowever, it was one of the most formal and important they had, since the families of both got to know each other and even exchange words.

According to the site specialized in entertainment and love relationships of, kim kardashian Y TJ Jackson They started dating when she was just 13 years old and he was almost two years older than her.

They both met at their school and shortly after they began to have a formal relationship, in fact, after a good time leading this love, kim lost her virginity with TJ Jackson.

Following his mother’s advice Chris JennerKim took the birth control pill at 14… They dated for two more yearssays the biography of kim kardashianwritten by Sean Smith.

Within the relationship, in the same way, both managed to bring families together and spend unforgettable moments. One of the birthdays of kimthey celebrated at the ‘Neverland’ ranch in Santa Barbarataking advantage of TJ he was nephew of Michael Jackson. This celebration was one that the young Kardashian enjoyed the most, since she had many attractions, as well as animals.

However, after a few years and TJ High School room, both ended their relationship in March 1999, leaving a romance that perhaps could be the only one for both if it continued. Although it is worth mentioning that the former member of “3T” still has a relationship with the family kardashian.

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