This was the life of Alexandra Daddario when she worked on the series White Collar

Alexandra Daddario He had a brief but forceful participation in the series White Necklace. On the show I play Kate Moreauthe beautiful girlfriend of the protagonist Matt Bomerwho embodied the mythical Neal Caffreythe swindler and thief hunted by the FBI.

With her role in White Collar, Alexandra Daddario boosted her career even further.

The actress, who began her career with the success that her talent and beauty gave her, already had experience in other television series. Prior to White Necklace I had already participated in programs like Lwow & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Damages Y The Sopranos.

Those shares of Alexandra Daddario They were brief and very sporadic, but they had already been opening the way for the actress in the world of entertainment. Upon her arrival at White Necklace with a secondary but important role, the opportunities began to come with greater frequency and quality to the life of the girl.

After finishing his participation in the series, in which he acted in seasons 1 and 2, Alexandra Daddario He got another chance at the role that launched his career. The actress again played Annabeth Chase in the second part of the saga Percy Jackson.

This is what Matt Bomer and Alexandra Daddario looked like in the first season of White Collar.

White Necklace lasted six seasons until its end, but the character of Alexandra Daddario in the first two stages, it was crucial to be able to understand part of the psychology of the main character of the series. In addition, for the actress it was an opportunity that she values ​​too much.

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