The unbearable weight of a huge actor

of course that you can’t go see this movie with other intentions or expectations beyond spending a entertaining timewhere we will find passages from the funniest alternating with some blushing moment. Of course this is nothing like How to be John Malkovich (1999), for example. Because he’s not behind the camera Spike Jonzebut the emerging American director Tom Gormican.

Here we attend a gazpacho of genres where comedy, action, suspense… and, above all, the cinema within the cinema are mixed. The actor Nicolas Cage stars in the filminterpreting itself: is in low hoursurgently needs a role to pay debts and continue under a decent roof, while his wife and daughter do not get along too well with him after multiple disappointments.

Finally, what needs to recover a good dose of dignity that he has been losing along the way while building his immense filmography full of successes, In free fall during recent times. So, after turning him down to play the part of her life, she accepts a demeaning offer from your agent: fly to Mallorca to keep a millionaire company (Pedro Pascal) who turns out to be a alleged narco investigated by the CIA.

And so, he will end up involved in an espionage service, giving a plot twist (with the grotesque kidnapping of the daughter of the president of the Generalitat included), wandering among friendship that has forged with him mobster aspiring filmmaker Y the duty imposed by the secret services Americans putting their families at risk. And that’s when the baddest baddie comes into action embodies Paco Leon, with dyed hair and gun in hand. There is no shortage of chases, acrobatic car flights, shooting and everything that the circus of the action genre usually carries with it. And all this sprinkled with reflections of the actor facing his rejuvenated double, struggling to be who he is: a Hollywood star… in need of therapy.

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