The track that revives the theory of Fortnite x Stranger Things

Vecna’s breath is very close to crossing all the borders of the Upside Down to approach the Battle Royale according to the first clues born from the work of the dataminers and that is that just by observing what the encrypted keywords are in the next update of Fortnite everything points to an express trip to Hawkins to welcome various characters.

just over two years ago Fortnite launched a specific collaboration with Stranger Things that despite hitting the community hard did not go beyond curiosity due to the reduction of the proposal since among all the characters they only appeared in-game Hopper and the Demogorgonbut that only seemed like the prologue to something much bigger.

Although it seems strange to imagine young children with weapons in hand, the evolution of certain characters and the age of some before coming of age could change the perspective to include a bigger surprise in the next season of Fortniteor at least that is understood after seeing the latest leaks related to dataminers.

As usual, the keywords scheduled for the next updates usually mark the theories around where the theme of the game will be framed, and this time it seems that the word WaffleWarrior is the one chosen to encourage all those who search through the servers close to Fortnite.

In another context it would be difficult to imagine Eleven in that equation despite her love for waffles, but if the dates are squared taking advantage of the premiere of the last season of stranger things Looking ahead to July 1, the theory to see some characters from the Netflix series in the Battle Royale is gaining strength.

The second part of the fourth season of stranger things It definitively closes the story of the Duffer brothers and is an ideal window to promote it within the Epic Games game, taking into account that now certain characters can be included beyond Chief Hopper with the shotgun on duty.

In fact, although most of the cast is over 18 years old, their characters in fiction remain at 15 (Eleven, Will, Max, Dustin, Mike or Lucas), but over time the elders of the group could appear with a profile something more prepared for the battle. Thus Steve, Nancy, Jonathan, Hopper, Murray and even Joyce could appear in the game, although they would of course have to be added to both 001 and Vecna ​​in their different versions (ahem, ahem). Now it only remains to pray and hope that the hype does its job while waiting for an official confirmation.

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