The story behind Schwarzenegger’s weirdest car

The famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has countless stories on the set. Today we will enter the strangest car that he had to drive for a film. Next, a history of science fiction, automotive culture and the seventh art.

With you, the unmistakable arnold schwarzenegger. Born in Thall, Austria, Arnold is indeed an institution when it comes to Hollywood action movies. We have to go back to 1970 to cite his debut on the big screen; that debut seems to mark metaphorically what his career would be: he played Hercules.

As we know, before dedicating himself to cinema as a way of life, schwarzenegger I had my mind and body dedicated to bodybuilding, which in those years was not a discipline fully understood in the West, and less so in the arts environment.

Against prejudice, Arnold forged a career that contains more than 30 feature films. Among them, we can namebatman and robin”, “the promised gift”, “the sixth day”, “Collateral damage” and the whole saga of “terminator”.

Let me say that the saga terminator is one of the high points of science fiction on the big screen. Six films have delivered this concept that began, back in 1984, with the first installment, a total classic of apocalyptic action and adventure cinema. The machines reveal themselves to us, colleagues.

We are passionate when cinema is mixed with automotive culture. And today we will go into a strange story and “cold”. In 1997, a new production of Warnes Bros. Pictures Y DC Comics. It was nothing more and nothing less than “batman and robin”.

This film, directed by Joel Schumacher, written by Akiva Goldsmann and starring George Clooney, umma thurman, Chris O’Donnel Y arnold schwarzeneggerwas the sensation when his press conquered the lovers of Bat of Gotham city.

Schwarzenegger, perhaps the most wicked villain of the Batman movies along with baneplayed the famous mr cold. This boy really was eager for victory. Using a suit that kept him at low temperatures, Schwarzenegger brought all the epicness that this classic comic book character needed to the big screen.

However, Mr. Freeze has a special car. And in the film he had his stellar place. It was made especially for the film and boy was it unique. Officially known as the “Freeze Truck” it was designed by the talented Jacques King and the result is truly impressive.

The dark and empty streets of Gotham citythe Freeze Truck at full speed and Schwarzenegger’s gruff performance gave this classic sci-fi film a fascinating edge.

The “Freeze Truck” driven by Schwarzenegger in Gotham City.

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