TCM remembers Nora Ephron with the premiere of the documentary “Everything is a copy”


Prestigious columnist, author of novels and essays, brilliant screenwriter and film director… Nora Ephron was all that and much more. A feminist icon in the eighties and nineties of the 20th century. A fine and ironic intellectual capable of dissecting all kinds of situations and characters and wrapping them in a layer full of stinging sarcasm. In her screenplays for her films, she showcased strong, independent women, like the anti-nuclear activist Meryl Streep played in “Silkwood,” directed by Mike Nichols. She also reinvented the American romantic comedy thanks to her work in films such as Rob Reiner’s “When Harry Met Sally” or “Something to Remember”, which she wrote and directed.

nora ephron died of leukemia ten years ago, and TCM wants to pay tribute to this writer and filmmaker by broadcasting a special program dedicated to her on June 26, the day that marks the decade since her death. Thus, viewers of TCM they will be able to know all the aspects of his personal and professional life by watching the documentary everything is a copydirected by Nick Hooker and for his own son, Jacob Bernsteinand in which actors and actresses such as meryl streep, Tom Hanks, Diane Keaton Y meg ryan and friends like steven spielberg either Rob Reiner.

The title of the documentary everything is a copyis a phrase often repeated by the mother of nora ephron. “I think what my mother meant was that when you slip on a banana peel, people laugh. But when you’re the one telling the story, you become a hero instead of a victim. So you’re the one who laughs”explains the screenwriter herself in the film.

nora ephron He decided to tell his personal vision of everything that was happening around him, including his own life. He was born in New York on May 19, 1941. His parents, famous playwrights, moved to Beverly Hills to work as screenwriters in Hollywood, and the whole family moved to Los Angeles. When he finished college he worked as a crime reporter for The New York Post. She herself confesses in the documentary that she had a great time writing about murders. She very soon made the leap to the opinion column with acid articles, sometimes evil and even harsh, but always excellent. At Esquire, a magazine with a majority male readership, she became famous for a column about women.

She married first the novelist Dan Greenburg and then in 1976 with Carl Bernsteinone of the journalists who uncovered the Watergate case that ended the presidency of Richard Nixon. nora ephron narrated her husband’s infidelity and her notorious divorce in the novel heartburnwhich later became the movie the cake is over. A film directed by Mike Nichols and played by Jack Nicholson Y meryl streep. «The hardest thing Meryl Streep has done in her entire career is not to put on a Polish or Danish accent but to play me»jokes her own nora ephron in the documentary.

She made her film debut as a director in 1992 with What’s wrong with mom? Then his greatest success would come, Something to rememberwith Tom Hanks Y meg ryan, a couple that became a symbol of romantic comedy during the 1990s. With them she repeated in You have an emailan updated version of The bazaar of surprises of Ernst Lubitsch. “Nora Ephron was a keen observer of how men and women interacted”Explain Rob Reiner in the documentary. Some films in which the filmmaker abandoned her most cynical side to give free rein to romanticism. «They are not love stories but how love stories are seen in movies»she says.

The third marriage of nora ephron went with the novelist Nicholas Pileggithe author of One of ourswhich led to the cinema Martin Scorsese. nora ephron continued to write in magazines and newspapers, plays and books as I do not remember anythingsome funny memoirs, which are now published in Spain. “Writing something serious, but doing it in a funny and even comical way is very difficult. And Nora did it», it is said in the documentary. that’s how it was nora ephron, much more than the queen of romantic comedies. And on June 26, the tenth anniversary of her death, viewers of TCM they can check it.

Sunday, June 26

4:30 p.m. everything is a copy (Everything Is Copy, 2015)
6:00 p.m. You have an email (You’ve Got Mail, 1998)

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